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Collective #85

Inspirational Website of the Week


The Museum of Mario is a fantastic interactive experience made with modern web technologies. Out pick this week.

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Gone In 60fps – Making A Site Jank-Free


Learn how to use Chrome DevTools for performance diagnosis and fixing rendering issues from this video by Addy Osmani from the SmashingConf 2013.

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Development Is Design

Brad Frost shares his thoughts on why front-end development is not something detached from the design process and how HTML and CSS development actually is design.

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Creating geometric patterns in Illustrator


Learn how to create stylish geometric patterns in Illustrator from this tutorial by Veerle Pieters.

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Free Font: Rose


Rose is a beautiful and romantic typeface by Kadu Supanik.

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Lightening Your Responsive Website Design With RESS

Learn how to use RESS (responsive design with server-side components) for creating high-performance mobile websites in this article by Ronan Cremin over at Smashing Magazine.

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Free Font: Plethora 1984


A unique swirly uppercase font by ONO Creates.

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So We Wanted To Build A File Uploader... (A Case Study)


Konstantin Lebedev gives some fantastic insights on building a file uploader.

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Prioritize visible content


FeedTheBot is great resource for understanding and applying the Google webmaster guidelines by Patrick Sexton. This part is about prioritizing visible or "above-the-fold" content.

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Touch Type Game


An addictive game where you need to type fast to reach the next level.

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JavaScript remake of MacPaint


Cloudpaint is a remake of the vintage MacPaint done in JavaScript made by Martin Braun.

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Responsive Webfont Icons


Understand the benefits of Webfont icons and how to use them in you project in this tutorial by Jason Cranford Teague.

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Building Web Apps With Yeoman And Polymer - Scaffold your webapps with modern tooling


Addy Osmani shows you how to use Yeoman, a workflow of tools for web apps to streamline creating apps using Polymer, a library of polyfills and sugar for developing apps using Web Components.

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A promising looking new app for group chats with some interesting features.

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Zoomquilt is a fantastic project that will zoom you through some wonderful artwork.

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Case Study: Redesigning Commit for iOS 7


An insightful case study on the redesign of an iPhone app by Nathan Barry.

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iOS 7 Alternate Color Kits (PSD)


A nice freebie containing all the essential iOS 7 UI elements in 5 different color themes by Tony Thomas for MediaLoot.

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iOS7 style UI kit (PSD)


A nice iOS 7 style UI kit composition including some free resources.

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Free programming books


A fantastic collection of free programming books for many languages.

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Free Font: Anson


A clear and elegant typeface made by Mikko Nuuttila.

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Inspecting :before/:after content in Chrome DevTools


Finally you can inspect :before and :after pseudo elements with Chrome DevTools (Canary). Check out this video by Eric Bidelman to see how.

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What does designing in the browser mean?


Brian Krall explains what "designing in the browser" means and how the process behind it looks.

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Free icons set: Adore


If you need a break from flat icon designs then Jackie Tran's creation is the right thing for you: a free set of pixel perfect and beautiful icons.

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