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animo.js * Perimeter.js * HelloRun HTML5 Game * Flat And Thin Are In * iOS Design Cheat Sheet * Animated favicons * Free Fonts * Skill Swap!

Collective 80
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Inspirational Website of the Week


A really nice and creative way to meet a design agency. Our pick this week.

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Flat And Thin Are In


Adrian Taylor dives into the story of flat design, how it evolved and how to make the new trend work for your next design.

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Animo.js is a really useful tool for managing CSS animations. It allows to control the time and sequence of firing animations and more. Made by Daniel Raftery.

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Create a favicon that moves with animated badges, images or videos.

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Perimeter.js is a very interesting script that will creates an invisible perimeter around a target element and monitor mouse breaches.

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HelloRun is a fantastic HTML5 game by HelloEnjoy.

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UIbox is a curated HTML, CSS, JS UI component library.

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Brainy Icons


Brainy Icons Free is a set of 36 hand-drawn free education icons. The icons are available as AI, EPS, PSD and PNG. Made by Hand Drawn Goods.

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The iOS Design Cheat Sheet


A really great and useful collection of all the important dimensions of icons and commonly used elements for iOS 7. Made by Ivo Mynttinen.

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Getting Started With HTML5 Game Development


Learn how to get started with HTML5 game development from this guide by Austin Hallock and Robert Nyman.

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Free Font: Corduroy Slab


Corduroy Slab is a charismatic dipslay slab font face by Ryan Welch.

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Teach, Don't Tell


Steve Losh gives some great advice on how to write a technical documentation properly.

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Free Font: Born


Born is a very elegant and sophisticated humanist typeface by Carlos de Toro.

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It's Flat! (SVG)


A great freebie by MediaLoot: a set of 48 free vector icons, created in Photoshop using vector shapes only.

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Android Devices (AI)


A set of Android devices by Ian Mintz.

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Mobiles Wall


A great spot to find some beautiful high-quality mobile wallpapers.

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Jumpstarting WebGL


A creative presentation by Christian Ostman on WebGL (in WebGL).

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Piatto – A Free Flat Style Landing Page (PSD)


A free flat style landing page as PSD by Nathan Brown for WeGraphics.

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Cheat Sheet for Favicon Sizes and Types


A very useful cheat sheet including all the favicon sizes and types. Complied by Audrey Roy.

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Spacedeck is a fantastic platform for visual collaboration - from developing ideas and concepts to sharing work with clients, Spacedeck will provide all the tools needed.

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Web Performance 2.0


Gorka Molero points out how performance has been overlooked when creating responsive websites.

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Skill Swap!


With Skillswap you can find people with the skill you need and in return, you can offer your skills.

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Gusto Email Template (PSD)


A really nice email template by PSD Freebies.

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