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Collective #788


Google Maps API x Houdini

Robert Hodgin shares his journey of integrating 3D Google Maps tiles into Houdini, highlighting the technical challenges, the intriguing visual outputs, and the potential for future creative exploration.

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No more 404

This article by Remy Sharp discusses implementing a solution to handle broken outbound links on older blog posts by redirecting users in real-time to archived versions of the pages, ensuring the continuity of external references.

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Metric Tensors for Artists

Jake Rice provides an in-depth exploration of metric tensors in computer graphics, demonstrating their practical application in guiding algorithms and particle alignment, enhancing artistic control in visual outputs.

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Naming Variables In CSS

This article by Jonathan Dallas delves into the complexities of naming CSS variables, advocating for a structured approach that combines kebab-casing with camelCasing for readability, emphasizes the importance of namespacing for clarity and collision avoidance, and promotes descriptive naming practices to enhance understanding and maintainability.

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basement chronicles

Basement Studio pampers us with this amazing project made entirely in React Three Fiber: a pixelated throwback to classic point-and-click adventure on your browser.

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Scrollbars are becoming a problem

The article critiques the trend of diminishing scrollbar usability, highlighting the challenges it poses for individuals with motor control or visual impairments, and advocates for more user-friendly, accessible designs.

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Web Components Will Outlive Your JavaScript Framework

An interesting article that emphasizes the enduring nature of web components compared to transient JavaScript frameworks, highlighting their adaptability, portability, and efficiency in creating interactive content that remains consistent across various platforms and site generators without reliance on specific build systems.

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The Vectorpea Online Vector Editor lets you edit vector graphics, AI, SVG and PDF files in your browser for free.

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What is the Demoscene?

This interesting piece takes us on a journey through the demoscene, where we learn about its history, how it's changed over time, and its big impact on digital art, all with stories and insights from someone who's been in it for years, Filipe Cruz.

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Ruffle is an Adobe Flash Player emulator written in the Rust programming language. Ruffle targets both the desktop and the web using WebAssembly.

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