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Collective #781


Puck: The self-hosted drag and drop editor for React

Puck is a self-hosted, drag and drop editor for React that offers visual editing for existing React component libraries, integrations with 3rd party headless CMS, inline content editing, and no vendor lock-in, allowing for self-hosting or integration with existing applications.

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Making Sense of React Server Components

Josh W. Comeau discusses the evolution of React and introduces React Server Components, explaining their benefits and how they differ from traditional React components, with a focus on their compatibility with Next.js.

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TextBase is a Python library that simplifies the development and deployment of AI chat applications through a single Python function.

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LVMH - The Showroom

The Showroom invites you to a gallery of innovations from Louis Vuitton, Dior, Tiffany & Co., RIMOWA, and more. It was made by Henri Heymans in collaboration with Robin Payot and Cosmic Shelter.

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Give your JavaScript client the powerful backend it deserves with CASE. This solution delivers a complete backend – including a database, admin panel, API, and JavaScript SDK – all with minimal hassle. Perfect for developers seeking a code-friendly alternative to traditional Backend-as-a-Service offerings.

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Design tool memory usage

Some interesting memory usage tests on various design tools, including Figma, Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Affinity Designer, under different scenarios.

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An Internet of PHP

In this article Timo Tijhof presents compelling evidence that PHP remains a dominant and sustainable choice for web development, citing statistics, anecdotes, and real-world examples of PHP's success at scale, while also acknowledging the diversity of technology options available to developers.

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Auto Interfaces

Auto Interfaces is a platform created by the team at Humanistic to track and share developments in automotive digital interfaces, highlighting the shift towards touchscreen technology and the potential for cars to become connected computing environments for various purposes, such as socialization and productivity.

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Watlings: Learn WebAssembly by writing small programs

Watlings aims to teach the WebAssembly Text Format (WAT) by fixing small programs, and it encourages learning through hands-on experience and minimal explanations while using Node 16+ and NPM for compilation and testing, with optional tools like WebAssembly Binary Toolkit and VSCode with the WATI extension recommended for a better learning experience.

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RecipeUI, an open-source alternative to Postman, offers type safety with TypeScript, autocomplete, auto-generated docs, and reusable API templates to improve API request management and workflow efficiency.

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