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Collective #775


Help Design the Inaugural State of HTML Survey!

Lea Verou writes about the launch of a new survey called "State of HTML 2023" aimed at gathering unbiased data on the practices of front-end developers, focusing on HTML and its related technologies, and encouraging community participation in shaping the survey through discussions and voting.

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Aligning the Size and Position of DOM and Three.js Objects

A comprehensive guide on how to synchronize DOM elements and Three.js objects, discussing three approaches: matching DOM size, matching camera's z-value, and matching object size, along with bonus information on applying rounded corners using fragment shaders. By Misaki Nakano.

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DocuSeal: Open Source Document Signing

An open-source alternative to DocuSign and PandaDoc that allows users to create, fill, and sign digital documents with various features like a PDF form builder, multiple submitters, automated emails and more.

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A glitch in the SEO matrix

A super interesting article about an intriguing glitch in SEO where a specific keyword related to open-source software for big data management gained significant search volume due to a popular exam question.

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CSS View Transitions

Adam Argyle experiments with CSS view transitions and animations, specifically focusing on animating new `node.textContent`, using custom animations for stage enter and exit, with a link to a CodePen and YouTube video demonstrating the animation style.

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With gniP you can quickly create heartbeat subdomains to receive POST notifications when a specified interval of ping signals is missed, providing an alternative method for monitoring services that are not publicly accessible or cannot be pinged externally.

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SVG Gradients: Solving Curved Challenges

Michael Sydney Moore recounts the challenges faced while attempting to transform a Figma design of a radial dial with a linear gradient into code, exploring the complexities of SVG gradients and the solution devised to tackle the problem.

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How to Use AI to Do Stuff: An Opinionated Guide

Ethan Mollick provides an overview of the current state of artificial intelligence, particularly focusing on Large Language Models (LLMs) and their applications, including writing assistance, image generation, animation, voice cloning, and education.

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A co-creative looper that utilizes generative modeling (specifically VampNet) to produce unique variations of a musician's recorded loops, enhancing the traditional looper experience and making it more interactive and enjoyable.

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Formative posts

Eric Bailey shares a compilation of writings by various authors that have influenced his perspective, covering topics such as accessibility, inclusive design, technology, and personal experiences.

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Coding Randomized Zelda Patterns

A detailed guide by Paul Hebert on creating procedurally generated artwork using JavaScript and SVGs, inspired by the repeating circle motif found in the game "Legends of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom."

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Flynt 2.0

Flynt 2.0 is an advanced WordPress Starter Theme offering enhanced performance, improved editor experience with Gutenberg support, a cleaner and leaner codebase, and various other features for a seamless developer experience.

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