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Collective #772

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Vev — Advanced Websites Your Way

Vev unites the best of code and no-code web creation. Designers can quickly craft interactive sites from a visual canvas, while developers custom code on top for ultimate creative freedom. No more silos — experiment, iterate, and communicate naturally in real time from one space.

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CSS only floating labels

Stanko Tadić writes about the use of the CSS pseudo-class :placeholder-shown to create floating labels and demonstrates the input's current state without the need for JavaScript, providing code snippets and real-world use cases.

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Design for the web without Figma

David Heinemeier Hansson highlights the benefits of designing for the web directly in HTML and CSS instead of relying on tools like Figma, emphasizing the importance of collaboration between designers and programmers and the creativity that can thrive within constraints.

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Vrite Editor is an open-source, minimalistic WYSIWYG Markdown editor.

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Three.js enhanced CSS slider

Yuri Artiukh shows how to code an enhanced DOM slider that visualizes "encoding files" from the website of Evervault with some interesting Three.js particle techniques.

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In Defence of DOMContentLoaded

Harry Roberts defends the use of the DOMContentLoaded event as a metric for measuring site speed and user experience, arguing that it provides valuable insights into the runtime behavior of a website, especially for sites that heavily rely on deferred JavaScript or frameworks that use defer.

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Letter Hop

Steve Gardner added more scenes and particle effects to his awesome Letter Hop demo.

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