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Error-Message Guidelines

In this article by Tim Neusesser and Evan Sunwall you will learn how to design effective error messages by ensuring they are highly visible, provide constructive communication, and respect user effort.

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Scoped CSS is Back

Scoped CSS is back and better than ever. Keith J. Grant discusses its improved capabilities, including better selector control and proximity-based style overrides.

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SpaceTraders API

A unique multiplayer game built on a free Web API. The best sandbox platform to learn a new skill or apply your knowledge in a fun and meaningful way. Use any programming language with our RESTful API to control the most powerful fleet in universe.

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What's new in CSS and UI: I/O 2023 Edition

This article by Una Kravets, Bramus Van Damme, and Adam Argyle highlights 20 exciting features that have recently been introduced or are on the CSS horizon. From container queries and dynamic viewport units to cascade layers and scroll-driven animations, these advancements provide enhanced web capabilities and customization options.

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Go with PHP

This article by Mohamed Said promotes PHP as a powerful and modern programming language, highlighting its security, performance, and community support, while recommending the Laravel PHP framework for efficient web application development.

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A very efficient and visually pleasing implementation of SSAO with an emphasis on temporal stability and artist control.

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Smol developer

This project is a prototype of a "junior developer" agent that assists developers by scaffolding an entire codebase based on a given product specification. It aims to provide a human-centric and coherent approach to whole program synthesis.

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An image playground by Replicate where you can compare the results of different AI models for image generation.

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