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Collective #755

Annual Awards 2022

Discover the best of the web in this year's annual awards where only the most exceptional websites and professionals made it to the the winners list.

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3D Customization Tool

An amazing 3D customization tool made by Paul Henschel and Anderson Mancini using Three.js, React, Three Fiber, Frame Motion and Valtio.

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A search engine with more than 150.000 free, open sources icons. Use them in Notion, Figma or download them with a single click.

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Theme Toggles

This useful collection provides a selection of dark and light theme toggles that use SVGs and CSS transitions, and includes React support.

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Pure CSS Loader Generator

A useful code generator that helps you to create simple CSS spinners. You can choose between four different types of CSS spinners and customize them by adjusting the settings. By Vincent Will.

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I doubled-down on RSS

Eric Bailey shares why he believes that RSS is an incredibly powerful, under-appreciated, and under-utilized technology.

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The Web Needs a Native .visually-hidden

Ben Myers explains how a hypothetical native "visually-hidden" would hide elements from sighted users while still allowing them to be accessible to screen readers and other assistive technologies.

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I no longer understand prefers-contrast

Kilian Valkhof discusses the confusion surrounding the prefers-contrast media query in CSS, which has been linked to forced-colors in a way that breaks the 'contract' of the prefers-* prefix and renders the query useless on its own, leaving developers unsure of its purpose or how to use it.

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Create your own customized ChatGPT agent for your website using WebGPT.

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