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Collective #752

The Gooey Effects With Shaders

Misaki Nakano has written this excellent tutorial that demonstrates how to achieve the popular gooey effect using shaders, rather than relying on SVG filters.

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With Clack you can effortlessly build beautiful command-line apps. Made by Nate Moore.

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Improved font fallbacks

This article explores font fallbacks and APIs such as size-adjust, ascent-override, descent-override, and line-gap-override. These APIs allow the use of local fonts as fallback options that match the dimensions of a web font, reducing or eliminating layout shifts from font swapping.

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A new search engine that lets you search across a half million git repos, optionally using regular expression.

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The Pangram Pangram Foundry has released this new tool that was designed for testing variable fonts. You can use it to test typefaces and create designs.

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SVG Confetti Generator

Free online SVG confetti generator that lets you create beautiful background confetti effects for websites and social media posts. Made by Jim Raptis.

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Try out CSS Nesting today

CSS Nesting has been implemented in Safari and Chrome, enabling developers to write more compact code in nested selectors, similar to Sass! Learn how it works and what you can do with it in this article by Jen Simmons.

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A very cool demo made by Hugo Wideal using Drei, React Three Fiber and Rapier for physics.

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Formulas for optical adjustments

This informative article explores the benefits of using formulas for optical adjustments, offering practical techniques for accurately determining the visual weight and alignment of different shapes.

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