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Lucia is a simple yet flexible user and session management library that provides an abstraction layer between your app and your database.

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The New CSS Media Query Range Syntax

The Media Queries Level 4 specification has introduced a new syntax for targeting a range of viewport widths using common mathematical comparison operators, like , and =, that make more sense syntactically while writing less code for responsive web design.

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An open source static site CMS for Next.js. Create your blog or website in minutes. No dabatase needed.

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Image Steganography Tool

A simple C++ encryption and steganography tool that uses Password-Protected-Encryption to secure a file's contents, and then proceeds to embed it insde an image's pixel-data using Least-Significant-Bit encoding.

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Hydra is live code-able video synth and coding environment that runs directly in the browser. It is free and open-source and made for beginners and experts alike.

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Swurl is a new search engine that allows you to search everything instantly!

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This project is a combination of a personal education project to learn JavaScript Mobile Development using React Native and a business idea to create a mobile app with offline-only events.

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