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Collective #734

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Remote IT Can Be Difficult. Jamf Now Makes It Easy.

Managing your business's Apple devices is time-consuming – especially when employees are WFH. Jamf Now is a mobile device management solution that simply sets up, connects, and secures your devices from anywhere; no IT experience required! Postanly readers can manage up to 3 devices for free today!

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GLSL Dithering

Get retro with dithering in Three.js and learn all about GLSL dithering in this article by Daniel Velasquez.

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A very interesting article on what sound is by Bartosz Ciechanowski.

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Speeding Up Async Snippets

Async snippets used to improve performance, but now they’re a legacy anti-pattern. Harry Roberts shows how we can handle them.

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A minimal, no-JS web forum software with focus on being easy to set up and manage.

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The AI-generated podcast with its first episode where Joe Rogan interviews Steve Jobs.

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