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Collective #725

Why React Re-Renders

In this tutorial, Josh W Comeau unpacks when and why React re-renders, and how we can use this information to optimize the performance of our React apps.

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Cohost is a new social media platform built from the ground up by a small team of developers and designers who like sharing things on the internet. It allows to use custom CSS in an update.

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Recoded lets you create beautiful images or videos of your code. Made by Siddharth Roy.

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Vertex Gallery

Vertex gallery is a virtual art gallery that shows 34 new art pieces every day. These art pieces change every night at 22:00 UTC.

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Outline is your friend

Don‘t rely on properties like background-color or box-shadow alone for focusing styling. An article by Manuel Matuzović.

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With Coder you can offload your team's development from local workstations to cloud servers.

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Alphredo generates translucent colors looking the same as their opaque counterparts when placed against the same background.

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