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Collective #703

What Is ARIA Even For?

Heydon Pickering's amusing video about common pitfalls of using ARIA with the help of Ada Lovelace, a goat, and a dinosaur with a table for a head.

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Bring your generative work to life with three simple textures inspired by the natural world. By George Francis.

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Emulate the sound of Roland's most famous and influential musical instruments from Yuri Suzuki and Roland.

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In Defense of Sass

Stephanie Eckles writes how organization, linting, and ease of theming are the primary reasons she'll continue to use Sass.

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Skateboard-Like Preloader

A fun preloader concept featuring a worm that does a flip when reaching the left or right sides of the ring. Made with SVG and CSS animation by Jon Kantner.

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Experience the playful and immersive AMBUSH® universe, in a virtual spaceship to take you on a journey to the other side.

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