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Collective #700

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Build Using the DoorDash API

DoorDash Developer allows you to easily integrate delivery services into your website or app. We've created the API, you set the rules, offer delivery on your terms and only pay for what you use. And integration is incredibly easy.

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MicroWaver 59™

A fun game: Fifty-nine seconds of delicious, electromagnetic horsepower. Are you hungry for the future? Insert a coin and wave away inside this hyper-interactive food machine. By Pink Yellow.

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Shaders and Gradients

The second issue of Offscreen Canvas is about learning shaders and explores why gradients are so important, and more.

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Google Search Is Dying

A very interesting article on how Reddit is currently the most popular search engine and how Google Search is not working anymore the way it should.

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In case you didn't know about it: jless is a command-line JSON viewer designed for reading, exploring, and searching through JSON data.

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