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Collective #68

Inspirational Website of the Week


An awesome zoom effect will make a visit to the "Experience the new HTC One" page a truly interesting experience. Our pick this week.

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An intruiging jQuery plugin by Drew Dahlman which lets you create gapless grid layouts.

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Introducing HTML Inspector


With HTML Inspector by Philip Walton you can easily test your markup in the browser and make sure its valid. You can also define your own rules and extend it.

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Cube Slam


A great game that was build using WebRTC, the exciting open web technology that allows you to video chat with others in the browsers, withou the need for any plugin.

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The 100 Meter Scroll


Let the fastest scroller win! On this website you can test your scrolling skills and scroll 100 meter or 283.500 pixels on time.

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Secrets of the Browser Developer Tools


If you are a web developer then you are undoubtly using the web developer tools of your browser. This collections of useful "secrets" will give you more insight on developer tools and make your work easier. Curated by Andi Smith.

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DPI love


Easily find the DPI/PPI of any screen with this tool by Lea Verou.

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Building An App In 45 Minutes With Meteor


In this in-depth tutorial, Sacha Greif shows us how to use Meteor to create a useful app in just 45 minutes.

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Flat Icons Brownie Theme (PSD)


A beautiful flat "brownie" icon theme by Sunbzy. The icons in the PSD are pixel perfect and vector-based.

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With this great GUI kit for Photoshop by Teehan+Lax you can start desiging iOS 7 apps right away.

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Google Trends


A very cool way to experience the Google search trends around the world. Select the grid type in the little menu in the top left corner.

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Understanding 3D Transforms


Tiffany Brown explains the CSS 3D transform properties and shows how to use them in this excellent and very detailed tutorial.

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Atomic Design


What are interfaces comprised of and how can we construct design systems in a more methodical way? Brad Frost's idea of "atomic design" tries to answer those questions.

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Image masking with HTML5 Canvas


A little script by Christian Heilmann for image masking with the canvas element.

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Magic - CSS3 Animations with special effects


A set of magical CSS animations for elements by Christian Pucci.

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Apple Mac Pro page deconstructed


See how the showcase page of the new Mac Pro works and learn how they did it from this article by Petr Tichy.

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40+ Vector Ribbons (Ai, Eps)


This set by blugraphic is a fresh take on ribbons with a flat twist. You can download them for a tweet.

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Stop Doing Internet Wrong


Scott Hanselman shows some examples of how the Internet is done wrong and how it can be done right. A fruitful discussion follows.

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There's a map for that


GitHub's latest addition to their visualization family: geographic data. Any .geojson file in a GitHub repository will now be automatically rendered as an interactive, browsable map, annotated with your geodata.

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Free Font: ONTWERP


A unique display font by Emraan Mayow with interesting edges and multiple lines.

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Making Infield Form Labels Suck Less II


Bringing all the desireable properties of the inline form label together, Jeremy Fields from viget shows this minimal and user friendly solution.

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