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Collective #666


Current Virtual DOM implementations are inadequate — Ranging from overcomplicated to abandoned, most are unusable without sacrificing raw performance and size. Million aims to fix this, providing a library-agnostic Virtual DOM to serve as the core for JavaScript libraries.

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Generates a snake game from a Github user contributions graph and outputs a screen capture as animated SVG or GIF.

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Health Icons

Completely free, open source health icons that you can use in your next commercial or personal project.

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A game of poetry and animated exploration across the land. Made by by Matt DesLauriers.

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In case you didn't know about it: Prestige is a powerful, text-based, in-browser, HTTP client app built by Shrikant Sharat Kandula.

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With GraphCDN you can scale, inspect and protect your GraphQL API. Cache your queries at the edge, get insights into its usage and protect it from malicious queries.

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