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Collective #59

Inspirational Website of the Week


Our pick this week, "Into the Artic" by Greenpeace is a wonderful example of great effects and interesting interactivity.

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Hack Your Maps


Young Hahn shows how to integrate web maps into your designs in this in-depth A List Apart article.

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PLTTS - Find your perfect color palette


With PLTTS it's easy to find the matching color-palette for a project you are working on. Type in a HEX code and search for a palette with a specific color.

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Drop-Down Navigation: Responsive and Touch-Friendly


A very useful approach for creating a touch-friendly multi-level navigation by Osvaldas Valutis.

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Transitional Interfaces


Pasquale D’Silva explains the importance of how animation can provide context and help users understand how information flows.

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Simplicity Vector Icon Set


Some clean and beautiful icons by Web Icon Set for your next website or web app.

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Advanced cross-browser flexbox


Chris Mills shows some advanced techniques for a cross-browser friendly usage of Flexbox.

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iPad and iPhone 5 Wireframe Freebie


Cat Smith created these beautiful device wireframes with keyboard and status bar.

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Keep your CSS lean with csscss: it will parse any CSS files you give it and let you know which rule sets have duplicated declarations.

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Tunnel vision 3D CSS


A mesmerizing pen by Peter Westendorp that shows what can be done with CSS 3D transforms, border-radius and border-style.

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A website that features some great ideas for a good UI organized by Jakub Linowski.

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Responsive Nav: A Simple JavaScript Plugin For Responsive Navigation


Viljami Salminen created this great JavaScript plugin for a solid responsive navigation.

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Free Font: Distractor


A new font by Simon Stratford loosely based on Bevan and inspired by old letterpress styles and hand printed lettering.

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Log: Console.log with style


Bored by the default looks of the console? Now you can have Console.log with custom style.

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7 Billion World - 7 billion people on 1 page


See how all seven billion people of the world fit onto a single website. You are somewhere there, too.

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HEX to RGB Converter


Need to convert a HEX color code into a RGB value and vice versa? This website does exactly that in a very stylish and simplistic manner.

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Cute CSS3-only animals


Sara Soueidan created some absolutely cute CSS-only animals with beautiful detail.

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SVG Climacons Animated w/ CSS


Noah Blon made a fantastic animated SVG version of Adam Whitcroft's Climacons with CSS.

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Moot: Forums and commenting re-imagined


If you always thought that there is no hope for bulletin boards then you will find Moot exciting: Moot is a radically different discussion platform, unencumbered by the weight of unnecessary features and distractions.

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Retro Vectors


A great resource site packed with great retro vectors that can be used freely in personal or commercial work.

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Free Font: Benito Clean Italic


Mateusz Machalski designed Benito, a proportional, geometric woodtype. You can get the Clean Italic style for free.

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