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Collective #57

Inspirational Website of the Week


A nice, clean design and an interesting horizontal navigation made us chose heliom as the website of the week.

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iCheck: Customized checkboxes and radio buttons with jQuery


Damir Foy created iCkeck, a light-weight and easy-to-use jQuery plugin for cross-browser customization of checkboxes and radio buttons.

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Hex Color Tool


A great and useful tool created by Denis Leblanc for generating color palettes by adding white or black to a hex color.

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Flat 3D Mockup Kit


An absolutely stylish mockup set by Frank Rapacciuolo for your next app or website showcase. Six mockups are for free and you can get the whole amazing set for only $8.

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Introduction to Custom Filters (aka CSS Shaders)


Read this great article and watch the presentation on CSS Shaders by Paul Lewis on HTML5 Rocks.

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Sidr: jQuery plugin for creating side menus


Sidr is a jQuery plugin for creating responsive Facebook-like side menus.

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Skycons is a set of ten animated weather glyphs, procedurally generated by JavaScript using the HTML5 canvas tag.

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Bespoke.js: DIY Presentation Micro-Framework


Mark Dalgleish created Bespoke.js, a presentation framework that works with CSS transitions and supports touch events and keyboard navigation.

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jQuery Pin


A plugin by Mathias Biilmann that let's you create sticky notes to be added to the side of a text.

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Make a 3D iPhone with CSS


Donovan Hutchinson shows us how to create a rotating 3D iPhone with CSS.

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Flat Surface Shader


Simple, lightweight Flat Surface Shader written in JavaScript for rendering lit triangles to a number of contexts. Currently there is support for WebGL, Canvas 2D and SVG. Created by Matthew Wagerfield and Tobias van Schneider.

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Responsive progress meter


This pen by Oliver Turner shows a responsive progress meter created with an interesting technique.

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CSS: Everything is global and how to deal with it

Philip Walton talks about the fundamental workings of CSS - it's global nature and how to make the best of it.

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3D-ifying Documents Using CSS Transforms


Cameron Lakenen from Crocodoc explains how they use SVG to do some fancy 3D effects when converting documents.

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Apple flat devices (PSD)


Pierre Borodin shares some beautiful flat design Apple devices in PSD format.

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With Dragabilly from David DeSandro you can easily make elements draggble. Great thing: it supports IE8+ and multi-touch.

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Printing The Web


A great overview by Hans Christian Reinl on how to make a website print-friendly.

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Grunge Stamp Borders Multi-Pack


This resource by WeGraphics features 12 grunge stamped style vector borders. A bonus of 8 worn paper textures are included for use with the stamp shapes.

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Navigation For Mega-Sites


An interesting article about navigation structures for information-heavy websites by Paul Boag for Smashing Magazine.

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Free Font: Quant Light


Another stunning and beautiful font-family by Hoftype: Quant. You can get the light style for free.

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Easy High DPI Images


A great guide by Boris Smus on how to serve high quality images on the web without complicated methods, but by changing your workflow and adapting for the future.

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With Padlet you can create anything on a blank "wall" and share it with others.

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