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Collective #541


Get Waves

A free SVG wave generator to make unique SVG waves. Choose a curve, adjust complexity and randomize.

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StoryTime enables developers to easily simulate debugger-like visuals to tell or read a story about pieces of code.

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A React codebase generator where you can select the stack you want, pick a template and then export a complete React codebase. By Gabe Ragland.

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Input delay

Monica Dinculescu created this experiment to see what amount of delay is too annoying for a user interaction like typing.

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Day/Night Ambient Light Animation

Mandy Michael shares a demo that shows how to change the page content based on the light level in the room using the Ambient Light API. Works behind the #enable-generic-sensor-extra-classes flag in chrome://flags.

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An open source Minecraft clone built with ThreeJS, ReactJS, GraphQL, and NodeJS.

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An AI powered interactive experiment where you can release fireballs from your mouth and head bang to break barriers.

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Vladimir Agafonkin introduces MARTINI, an open source, client-side terrain mesh generation library.

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