Bi-Weekly Frontend News

Collective #539


The case study factory

A well made and eye-opening presentation on how the formulaic approach to UX case studies is numbing the critical thinking of designers, and how to bring a unique point of view to one's work.

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A Contact Picker for the Web

Read all about the new Contact Picker API, an on-demand picker that allows users to select entries from their contact list and share limited details of the selected entries with a website.

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Meet Dimension

Read about Dimension, a fascinating open-source plan to adapt fully-featured design tools like Figma from desktop to tablet. By Theo Strauss.

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Artificial Intelligence Driven Design

A free Brain food ebook series where Joël van Bodegraven and other guest authors delve deep into how Artificial Intelligence will impact UX design, and how to design meaningful experiences in an era with AI-driven products and services.

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Predictably Random

Remy Sharp gives some insight to random functions in JavaScript and shares a tool that can visualize them.

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Monica Dinculescu shares her latest creation called MidiMe: a small magenta.js model that you can train in your browser with your music to output variations. Read more about it in this article.

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Eighth annual js13kGames challenge

Read the details about the eighth annual js13kGames competition, a game jam for web developers, game developers, and anyone who wants to challenge themselves to create something fun using JavaScript.

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Avant UI

Based on the Bootstrap Framework, this UI kit provides a fresh look and adds new features and components.

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