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Collective #533


Thorne: The Frontier Within

A case study of the wonderful The Frontier Within which is an immersive installation and web experience that captures the participant's circulatory, respiratory and nervous system data, and transforms it into a living, breathing, interactive portrait of the body.

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Reduced Motion Auto-Play Video

Scott O'Hara shows how to use the reduced motion media query to implement video components in a way that will respect user preferences from an OS level.

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Is postMessage slow?

An article by Surma that investigates the performance of postMessage() and how to avoid blowing your budgets.

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Repo Lovers

An online magazine made for developers, coders, hackers, makers, tinkers and everything else in between. Repo Lovers sets out to build an archive of interviews featuring talented folks building software.

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Chat Messaging UI Kit

A high fidelity Chat UI kit for Sketch. Chat interfaces for live chat, team collaboration, messaging, customer support and gaming are included.

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