Bi-Weekly Frontend News

Collective #528



Asynchronous boundary detection for lazy-loading, infinite scroll and more. By Christopher Cavalea.

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A global phone number validation and lookup JSON API that supports 232 countries.

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CSS Animation Worklet API

The first draft of the CSS Animation Worklet API that allows for running scripted animations without impacting the main thread.

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Using Basis Textures in Three.js

Learn about the new Basis Universal image format that was designed to produce very small file sizes and to be decoded on graphic cards instead of the CPU. An article by Ada Rose Cannon.

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CSS Custom Properties In The Cascade

In this article, Miriam Suzanne takes a deeper dive into the 'CSS Custom Properties for Cascading Variables' specification to ask, "Why are they called custom properties, how do they work in the cascade, and what else can we do with them?"

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How accessibility trees inform assistive tech

Hidde de Vries takes a look at how "good" client-side code improves the experience of users of assistive technologies, and how we can use accessibility trees to help verify our work on the user experience.

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In case you didn't know about it: easy HTTP status code pages with meaningful cat images.

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URL Pages

URL Pages is a proof of concept that works by storing the entire contents of a web page in the URL.

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GANPaint Studio

GANPaint Studio is a glimpse into the future of creative tools. It provides semantic photo manipulation with a generative image prior.

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Learning Synths

Learn about synthesizers via Ableton's interactive website. Play with a synth in your browser and learn to use the various parts of a synth to make your own sounds.

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