Bi-Weekly Frontend News

Collective #524


The Layout Instability API

Philip Walton introduces the new Layout Instability API to help web developers detect when unexpected layout shifts are happening to their users. Read it


Hello Subgrid!

Rachel Andrew introduces subgrid at the CSSconf EU 2019, with use cases, example code and some thoughts on where we might see Grid going in the future. Watch it



Doodle-place automatically animates your doodle and places it in an explorable 3D world of user doodles. Made by Lingdong Huang. Check it out


Using DevTools To Understand Modern CSS Layouts

Chen Hui Jing explains a variety of modern CSS layout techniques through live demonstrations via DevTools, and provides real-world use cases of how such techniques allow designs to better adapt across a broad range of viewports. Watch it


Version Museum

In case you didn't know about it: Version Museum showcases the visual history of popular websites and games that have shaped our lives. Check it out


Pika CDN

A new CDN that was built to serve the 60,000+ npm packages written in ES Module (ESM) syntax meaning you can import packages directly without worrying about their module format or file location. Check it out