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Collective #51

Inspirational Website of the Week


Jiouhe Consultancy offers a very interesting scrolling experience. Not the straight scrolling you are used to.

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Flat Pixels


A superb essay by Sacha Greif about flat design and skeuomorphism. You'll definitely understand the ongoing debate about these two styles after reading it.

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300 Million Users and Move to WebKit


Big and exciting news from Opera: the 300 million user strong browser will be using WebKit as its rendering engine and V8 as its JavaScript engine.

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Dark Patterns Library


Harry Brignull created Dark Patterns are user interfaces that are intended to trick people. The purpose of the site is to spread awareness, and to name and shame sites that use Dark Patterns.

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A different kind of color picker where you can explore hex colors in an intuitive way.

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PeerJS: Peer-to-peer data in the browser


PeerJS provides a complete, configurable, and easy-to-use peer-to-peer data API built on top of WebRTC.

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With you can easily create beautiful looking and interactive infographics.

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Free Font: Salt & Foam


Salt and Foam is a free typeface that was inspired by surfing, created by Anna Karatcheva.

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Build a Street Fighter Demo with CSS Animations and JavaScript


David Walsh shows you how to use animated PNG sprites with the steps() property of CSS animations for building a rad Street Fighter demo.

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Responsive Typography


Responsive Typography by Marko Dugonjić is an interesting proof of concept on how face detection can be used to adjust the font size for any given reading distance.

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WebKit is the jQuery of Browser Engines

Read what John Resig thinks about the switch of Opera to WebKit and why he believes that WebKit is like the jQuery of browser engines.

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Setting Weights And Styles With The @font-face Declaration


Laura Franz gives some useful tips and explains some great techniques on how to deal with @font-face weights and styles in this Smashing Magazine article.

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Free Font: PROMESH


Paul Reis created this exquisite athletic font that comes in mesh, regular and stitch style.

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Free Icons: Sunday Market (PSD)


Some stylish and beautiful free icons by Ezhi Stolz.

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Discourse is a new, free discussion platform with an intuitive concept and some great features.

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threesixty jQuery Plugin


With this jQuery plugin you can easily create draggable 360 views from a set of images.

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This script allows your website visitors to find links, images, and other content by their synonyms, using the browser’s built-in search.

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Comix I/O


An awesome library for building xkcd-style comic strips using HTML.

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UI Elements


This site provides UI designers with a place where they can download hundreds of free (yet high quality) UI elements.

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Building Twitter Bootstrap


Mark Otto gives us some insight on how Twitter Bootstrap came into existence and how parallel development and collaboration across teams made it become the powerful tool it is today.

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The progress element


Learn about the interesting progress element from Ian Devlin in this great article by Ian Devlin for HTML5Doctor.

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