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Collective #414



A very interesting toolkit for enabling data-driven user experiences on the web.

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First Input Delay

Philip Walton explains the "First Input Delay" interactivity metric that the Chrome team is currently experimenting with.

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With Themify you can manage your application's themes in realtime, using a robust solution that's easily configurable. Read more about it in this article.

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World Draw

World Draw starts with a simple 2D sketch, which is then transformed into a customizable 3D model and placed into a virtual world.

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High-quality music tracks for your projects. Free for a link, by the folks of Icons8.

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How To: Tune a Guitar

A beautiful and interactive guide that will teach you how to tune a guitar. By Matthew Conlen and Alex Kale from the Interactive Data Lab at the University of Washington.

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Ranger.js is a small, standalone library for working with ranges of numbers in JavaScript.

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