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Collective #410

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Elementor Unveils The Ultimate Theme Builder for WordPress

Elementor is the all-in-one tool for customizing your entire WordPress website visually. Go beyond your theme limitations, and design anything you can imagine. Take control over your site's header, footer, single post, archive page and all other areas of your site, all without a single line of code.

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CSS Blocks

CSS Blocks by LinkedIn is a component-oriented CSS authoring system that compiles to high-performance stylesheets.

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ReactCircle renders a customizable SVG circle with a progress percentage. By Hector Zarco.

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Mario Kart: CSS

Read about Stephen Cook's fantastic interactive Mario Kart demo with no images or JavaScript, only HTML and CSS.

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Recurss is a collection of recursive CSS demos. These demos work by styling only nested divs.

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Classroomies Beta

Join a chat (classroom) and watch a 24/7 broadcast of Stanford lectures on the topics of Startups, Computer Science and Business.

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Animating Progress

An article by Jonathan Snook where he digs into the tricky task of animating the <progress> element.

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