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Collective #393


Jelly Mario

Stefan Hedman puts Mario into a gelatinous Mushroom Kingdom. So much more fun!

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Webpack 4

Read all about the new webpack 4 (Legato) version in this article by Sean T. Larkin.

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Neural Arpeggiator

Tero Parviainen's amazing deep learning experiment: Let a deep neural network play an arpeggiated pattern around your chord.

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On AMP for Email

Jason Rodriguez shares his thoughts on Google's announcement about adding dynamic content and interactivity to Gmail with AMP for email.

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Gifski is a macOS app for the gifski encoder, which converts videos to GIF animations.

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From Our Blog

Animated Fragment Slideshow

A tutorial on how to create an experimental slideshow that animates in fragments. The slider is powered by the "Pieces" library, which was created for achieving interesting effects like these easily.

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