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Collective #38

Inspiration Website of the Week


The Quintessential Magazine is this week's pick for their interesting design and interactive items.

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Mask Watch without Images


Based on this great concept by Filip Slováček, Tolga Ergin coded up this watch concept without using any images.

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Free Font: DHD Cool Skinny


Konrad Bednarski designed this beautiful, hand-drawn type called DHD Cool Skinny.

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Brand Identity Style Guides From Around the World


A great reference list of identity style guides from different companies and institutions around the globe.

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Superfreedraw: World's Biggest Online Drawing


Superfreedraw is the biggest drawing worldwide. No censorship. No rules. Enjoy the beauty of pure user-generated nonsense.

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ish. Viewport Resizer


Do we need another viewport resizer? Of course we do! Especially if it has a disco mode!

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Garlic.js allows you to automatically persist your forms' text and select field values locally, until the form is submitted. This way, your users don't lose any precious data if they accidentally close their tab or browser.

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Content Security Policy 1.0 is Officially Awesome

Great news about the Content Security Policy 1.0 specification which got the status of a candidate recommendation. It will allow reducing the risk of cross-site scripting and other content injection attacks in your applications.

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ByPeople: A huge free bundle for web professionals


ByPeople off this incredibly big bundle with lots of useful templates and resources for free.

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Responsive Background Images with Fixed or Fluid Aspect Ratios


Rolf Timmermans explains how to scale background images correctly in browsers that don't understand background-size: cover by using a padding technique.

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High-Res Browser Logos


Remember those fantastic high-resolution browser logos by Paul Irish? Now you can get them from GitHub.

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Why I switched from LESS to Sass


Hugo Giraudel shares his experience with the CSS preprocessors LESS and Sass and explains why he chose to stick with Sass.

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Mastering SVG Use for a Retina Web, Fallbacks with PNG Script


In this tutorial Todd Motto explains how we can link an SVG through an image element, providing PNG fallbacks with Modernizr and jQuery/JavaScript.

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Free Font: Geogram


Geogram typeface by Filiz Sahin is a new font exploration based on modern geometric shapes. The font contains lower case letters and numbers of the shapes.

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Stairway Navigation (A jQuery Plugin?)


An interesting "stairway" navigation hover effect where the hovered item becomes the "tallest" stair.

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100,000 Stars


The Google Data Arts Team created this stunning Chrome experiment: 100,000 Stars is an interactive visualization of the stellar neighborhood that shows the real location of over 100,000 nearby stars.

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Hand Cursors (PSD)


Claudio Guglieri offers these useful hand cursors that can come in very handy in your next design project.

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Light Kit (PSD)


Angelo Wellens shares his Light Kit PSD which contains a set of fancy lighting effects for images.

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CSS Wiggle


Hakim El Hattab created this mesmerizing experiment using CSS animations and the CSS blur filter.

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CSS Swinging Panel Menu


Seth Abbott coded this CSS menu that uses keyframe animations to create a swinging panel effect for the sub-navigation.

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A Comprehensive Collection of Free UI Kits & Templates


This is a very useful collection compiled by Web Appers. It contains a list of UI and template freebies found around the web.

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Free Font: Wave me in


Another great font experiment by Filiz Sahin.

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