A great tool that lets you change code by clicking, dragging or hovering, and see the result immediately. By Nicky Case.

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Lynn Fisher

Responsiveness is brought to a whole new level on this website: a new design for every breakpoint!

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With this revolutionary design tool you can start building your layouts and design with the same components that your engineers use for the production website.

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Byte Arena

Byte Arena is a gaming platform for developers where you have to code the brain of an agent.

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Shader Reload

An experimental interface for live shader reloading in ThreeJS, regl, and other WebGL frameworks.

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NetSPI SQL Injection Wiki

A Wiki with information on identifying, exploiting, and escalating SQL injection vulnerabilities across various Database Management Systems (DBMS).

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Vireo is a lightweight and versatile video processing library that powers Twitter's video transcoding service, deep learning recognition systems and more.

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HTML 5.2

HTML 5.2 is now a W3C recommendation. Read about the substantial changes since 5.1.

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