Reaal Khalil created this fun coding game where you control a robot by learning JavaScript.

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A fantastic WebGL experiment of an infinite town using a brilliant technique. By Little Workshop.

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Airbnb's tool for defining design systems and using them to generate cross-platform UI code, Sketch files, images, and other artifacts.

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World City Icons

A gigantic set of the world's most popular cities in vector format. Made by Yannis Abelas and Ioanna Aravani.

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A collection of Python programs to practice and perfect your programming skills. By legendary Peter Norvig.

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Etch A Sketch

A great implementation of the classic drawing toy using the DeviceMotionEvent API. The API allows you to erase the drawing by shaking your device. By Jon Kantner.

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Codevember #28

Colin and Ryan form DPDK created this fun demo where you can let your writings burst into particles.

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