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Collective #30

Inspirational Website of the Week


Startup Giraffe is our pick this week. It has a fresh color scheme and some really nice structures and effects.

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CSS FilterLab


A great place to try out all the new filter awesomeness that is hopefully coming to all modern browsers soon.

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Uninvited Redesigns


A blog that collects (and where you can submit) "uninvited" redesigns of existing websites.

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Kube CSS Framework


Kube is a new minimal CSS framework. It comes with everything needed and it is responsive.

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How Apple Compresses Video Using JPEG, JSON, and <canvas>

David Bloom digs into the the iPhone 5 website and discovers some interesting techniques Apple used to pull off a cross-browser video implementation.

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Free Font: Obey Typeface


William Suckling shares this creative display font with us.

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DOM Enlightenment

Cody Lindley shares this prerelease of his online book with us. It explores the relationship between JavaScript and the modern HTML DOM.

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Here you will find all the latest freebies the web has to offer. You can also submit your own resource here.

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SlickMap CSS


SlickMap CSS is a simple stylesheet for displaying finished site maps directly from an unordered list navigation. It was created by Matt Everson of Astuteo.

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Divshot: Web App Interface Builder


With DivShot (beta) you can simply build your web apps with drag-and-drop and export everything to clean HTML and CSS.

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Manage Multi-Line Ellipsis in Pure CSS


Roman Rudenko from Mobify shows us a clever solution for the multi-line ellipsis problem by just using CSS.

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Cirque du Soleil: Movi Kanti Revo


This Chrome experiment will blow your socks off: it will use you camera to capture gestures so that you can dive into a magical world.

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Responsive Measure


Responsive Measure is a simple script that allows you to pass in a selector which generates the ideal font size needed to produce the ideal measure for your text.

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Fokus: Emphasized Text Highlighting


Fokus is another great script by Hakim El Hattab. It can be used to emphasize anything you select, i.e. text selection, by covering the rest of the page with semi-transparent black overlay.

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Screensharing A Browser Tab In HTML5?

Eric Bidelman shares his experience on how to implement a screensharing-like functionality using only browser technologies.

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Jarallax: Easy Parallax Scrolling


Jarallax is an open-source JavaScript library which makes adjusting CSS-based on interaction easy. With Jarallax you can easily create parallax scrolling websites.

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24 Free Vector Logo Elements


This vector set from WeGraphics includes 24 abstract logo elements. They are great to have on hand for creating modern style logo mockups.

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CSS3 Patterned Buttons


Catalin Rosu shows you how to create some super-slick buttons with a subtle pattern. No images, but a base64 string is used to create the patterned effect.

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Awesome Collection Of WebGL Works by Cartelle


Check out these ├╝bercool WebGL experiments by Cartelle, an interactive studio based in Amsterdam.

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Create a Custom WordPress Login Without Plugins


In this tutorial by Iain MacDonald you will learn how to customize your WordPress login page without installing any plugins.

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trunk8: Intelligent Text Truncation for jQuery


trunk8 is an intelligent jQuery text truncation plugin. When applied to a large block of text, trunk8 will cut off just enough text to prevent it from spilling over.

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prettyCheckable jQuery Plugin


This plugin by Arthur Gouveia replaces the default checkboxes and radio inputs with custom ones. It was made mobile-friendly, i.e. the touch/click area is wide and you can easily customize the looks.

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Free Web GUI Pack (PNG & PSD)


A beautiful and stylish web UI pack with all the elements you need for your next design.

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Endless Icon


Endless Icon is a project built by Min Kim where he shares creative stuff with the design community.

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