Greyprint is a great set of templates with pre-made styles to assist icon, symbol, and glyph design. By Bjango.

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A brilliantly tiny, powerful flexbox-based CSS grid framework made by Heydon Pickering.

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Hero Patterns

A collection of repeatable SVG background patterns for your digital projects. An awesome resource made by Steve Schoger.

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Davi Icons (PSD, AI)

The third set of a free icon series created by Vlad Cristea. Check out the links to the other kits at the end of the article.

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A light-weight, Medium inspired typography base for enforcing good vertical rhythm in CSS or Less. Made by Tiaan.

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Nat Cooper's October 2016 challenge of illustrating and coding a new creepy SVG animation every day leading up until Halloween.

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Chasing Tools

A great article by Tim Kadlec on our strange relationship with tools, also responding to the reactions of the "How it feels to learn JavaScript in 2016".

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Ayu is a simple, elegant and bright theme for Sublime. Made by Ike Ku.

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