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Collective #25

Inspirational Website of the Week


This week we chose the website of MyDirtyDesk for their great color scheme and creative use of shapes.

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Underscores: A Starter Theme for WordPress


Generate your own WordPress starter theme with all the common template files and some helpful tweaks.

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Learning to Love the Boring Bits of CSS

Peter Gasston shows us the often overlooked but extremely helpful new members of the CSS family.

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Free Font: Cascade


Cascade is a free grunge font that features bitmap shadows and overlays. It’s a gritty face that is great for t-shirt or poster titles.

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Single Element Pure CSS MacBook Pro


Joshua Hibbert created this awesome CSS experiment on Codepen: a MacBook Pro with just a single element and a clever combination of pseudo-elements box shadows!

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Precio UI Set: Free Version


Vandelay Design has released a gigantic UI Pack and is offering a free version with some useful and elegant UI elements for your next design.

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JavaScript For Cats


If your cat can do it, you can do it: learn JavaScript. A great introduction for novice programmers.

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Hover Effects with CSS Filters


Some simple hover effects created with CSS filters (Webkit only) from TheCodePlayer, a great new platform with video style walkthroughs showing cool stuff being created from scratch.

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Free Font: Sixta Light


Hoftype released a delicate new font family and offers the light version for free.

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PowerTip jQuery Plugin


PowerTip is a jQuery plugin for creating hover tooltips. It's easy to customize and it has APIs for developers and supports adding complex data to tooltips.

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JavaScript Fundamentals: Development for Absolute Beginners


Bob Tabor will teach you the fundamentals of JavaScript programming in these 21 episodes of video tutorials. Tune in to learn concepts applicable to web-based video games, enhanced user interfaces, and dynamic web pages.

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fruux: Contacts, Calendars and Tasks Syncing


With this great new app you can easily store, sync and share your data in the cloud.

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Polyfill for <img srcset>

Boris Smus released this useful, spec-compatible and unit-tested polyfill for <img srcset>.

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Modal Concept: Avgrund


A new modal concept by Hakim El Hattab which aims to give a sense of depth between the page and modal layers.

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Understanding the CSS3 Flexbox

Learn how to use CSS3 Flexbox from this updated, in-depth article by Ben Frain.

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Peerbind: Connecting Through JavaScript


Peerbind is a new method of event binding that converts a webpage into a massively interconnected website.

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10 Dark Subtle Patterns (PAT)


Some extremely delicate and subtle dark patterns from Premium Pixels. Perfect for giving some detail to your designs.

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Redefining the Introduction to Computer Science


John Resig talks about a new project that he has been leading at Khan Academy: Khan Academy Computer Science. It's a learning platform for people with no programming knowledge.

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Beautiful Button Design in Action


Learn some great tips and techniques for designing effective buttons and get inspired by a great collection of examples.

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Useful Legal Documents For Designers (PDF/DOC)

A great collection of free and useful legal documents for designers from Docracy.

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