Vectr is a free graphics editor that can be used online or as an application.

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CSS Glitch Effect

Remember our last Collective pick for the website of the week? Petr Tichy explains how to recreate the awesome glitch effect with CSS.

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A terminal based search engine for bash commands that was built out of the frustration of having to leave the terminal to search for bash commands. Made by János Dobronszki.

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A library that uses Ajax and pushState to deliver a faster navigation experience. Made by Evandro Leopoldino Gonçalves from EasyFood.

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Awesome Design

Awesome Design is a fantastic repo that collects high-quality resources and tools for UI/UX designers. By Tony Chan.

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A minimal drum machine implementation in just about 100 lines of HTML, JS and CSS. By Andrew Seigner.

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Not new but a great resource: Lory is a touch-enabled well-maintained slider library with some great features. By Maximilian Heinz.

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SVG Patterns

A library that allows to create SVG patterns programmatically to visualize data. Inspired by Textures.js and made by Jannis Redmann.

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