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Granim.js * FutureLearn * Project Muze * Buddy! * Stocky * The Math of CSS Locks * txt.wav * Image Beast * The Metaprogrammer

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A small library that lets you create fluid and interactive gradients animations. Made by Benjamin Blonde.

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The Math of CSS Locks

A brilliant article by Florens Verschelde that explains CSS locks and the mathematical background in detail.

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Tim Holman has unleashed his bot Buddy into the virtual sphere. An awesome outcome of an inspiring and collaborative coding journey.

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Still haven't learned anything new today? FutureLearn is a great new platform of free online courses from all kinds of categories.

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George Mayorga from Still Life Studios is punishing the Internet with these badass text animations.

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Project Muze

Project Muze is a digital fashion experiment by Zalando and Google that uses machine learning to create virtual fashion designs.

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Designer Emojis

A set of awesome Emojis capturing the designer's day-to-day work. Made by DesignCue in various useful formats.

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The Metaprogrammer

Richard Mitton explains the phenomenon of the narcissistic "metaprogrammer" who worries more about appearance and popularity than about the actual act of coding.

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A site that offers free photo, video, graphics and music for commercial and personal use.

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