Family.scss is a set of super-useful Sass mixins makes working with nth-child selectors a breeze. By Lucas Bonomi.

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Flex Layout Attribute

A helper for creating flexbox layouts with simple shorthands by using two custom HTML attributes, 'layout' and 'self'. Made by StefanKovac.

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Bideo.js is a JavaScript library that makes integrating fullscreen video backgrounds on websites easy.

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A collection of all HTML head elements with information and recommendations on usage. By Josh Buchea.

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A solid and clean CSS framework for your next project. Made by Wessel Grift.

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CSS When/Else Rules

A proposal to extend the concept of CSS conditional rules to arbitrary when/else chains, and supporting this, a proposal to unify the disparate conditional rules into a single grammar. By Tab Atkins-Bittner.

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Deco IDE

Build React Native apps with Deco IDE (for Mac) which is now free and open source.

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