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Collective #2

HTML5 Please - Use the new and shiny responsibly


The same brilliant minds that gave us HTML5 Boilerplate, Modernizr & CSS3 Please, now give us HTML5 Please: a very useful resource that summerizes the support and possibilities for all the new properties.

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Scrollorama is an awesome jQuery plugin by John Polacek for doing cool and experimental scrolly stuff. Just scroll the page and you'll discover some nice effects.

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Font.js - A Powerful Font Toolkit for JavaScript


Mike "Pomax" Kamermans gives us this useful library that adds a font object to the collection of predefined objects available to you when doing JS coding for the web.

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Kendo UI - The Art of Web Development


Kendo UI combines everything needed for modern JavaScript development, including a powerful DataSource, universal Drag-and-Drop, Templates, Themes, and UI Widgets.

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CSS3/HTML5 Contact Form without Images


St├ęphanie Walter shows how to create a super-slick HTML5/CSS3 contact form from scratch.

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Inspiring UI Element Shots


Dashboard by Meng To

Inspiring UI Element Shots


Header Navigation by Anthony Lam

Inspiring UI Element Shots


Derailed Ui Set - Free PSD by Norm

Inspiring UI Element Shots


Deck Mobile Interface by thiyagu

Inspiring UI Element Shots


Dark UI kit - Free PSD resource by Lukas Troup

Inspiring UI Element Shots


Calendar by JJ Ying

Inspiring UI Element Shots


Simple Download Concept by James Cipriano

Pick the Right Typefaces for Your Project


Carrie Cousins explains how to make the right font choices and font combinations.

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Design Curate


Design Curate is a new platform for free and commercial resources for designers.

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Andrew Croxall created this jQuery plugin that lets you add line numbers to textareas.

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Nailing Browser Support in CSS3 and HTML5: Invaluable Resources to Use Today


In this article Joshua Johnson collects some great resources that help developing cross-browser compatible websites.

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Little Notepad Design (PSD)


Orman Clark shares another pixel-perfect PSD with the community: a beautiful little notepad design.

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deCSS3 is a bookmarklet for testing if your site degrades gracefully. Get the bookmarklet and see what your site will look like in older browsers that don't support CSS3

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The separation of structure, presentation and behavior is dead


Kevin Dees explains how the separation of structure, presentation and behavior is basically dead in practice and how Divergence is the new rasing pattern.

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