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Collective #140



A digital replica of the classic Spirograph toy featured on Chrome Experiments. Written in TypeScript with D3.js by Nathan Friend.

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An easy way to animate SVG images consisting of line and path elements. Made by Connor Atherton.

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Animated SVG Icon

Learn how to optimize SVG code and animate an SVG icon using CSS and the Snap.svg library. A tutorial by Sebastiano Guerriero from CodyHouse.

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Gather your vimrc snippets on this site and let others learn from your fu. Made by Florian Beer.

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{Geek} Mental Help Week

Geek mental help week was a week-long series of articles, blog posts, conversations, podcasts and events across the web about mental health issues.

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A cool Google Chrome experiment: motionEmotion is an emotion and gesture-based arpeggiator and synthesizer made by Karen Peng.

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