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Collective #136


Physical Web

An early-stage experimental project by Google that envisions an easier and better communication for smart devices.

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HTTP 203: CSS Triggers

HTTP 203 is a new show about web development and in this episode Paul Lewis and Jake Archibald discuss CSS performance.

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Sweet Alert

SweetAlert by Tristan Edwards is a beautiful replacement for the native JavaScript "alert".

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Flyer.js is a very interesting messaging library written for ClojureScript and JavaScript. It provides broadcast messaging between frames, iframes, and windows. Made by Benjamin Zaporzan.

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UI Kit

UXPin offers 30 sample user-interface elements for Photoshop, Sketch, Axure or Omnigraffle.

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RWDPerf is a performance testing tool for responsive websites that will help you find suboptimal entities.

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FAQ Template

A beautiful and easy to customize template for the FAQ section of your project by Sebastiano Guerriero from CodyHouse.

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A JavaScript library by Yahoo that can create animated GIFs from media streams, videos, or images.

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