Bi-Weekly Frontend News

Collective #13

Inspirational Website of the Week


With its interesting thumbnail shape, subtle animations and great color scheme, Julien Renvoye's portfolio becomes our pick of the week.

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Compile Compass into CSS using this awesome online tool by Brian Gonzalez. This can be useful in a situation when you don't have the power of Sass/Compass, or if you are simply curious to see how Compass implements certain functions.

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Gumby Framework


Gumby is a new responsive 960 grid CSS framework that comes with many amazing features. It has support for all of the new HTML5 goodness and you can customize it for your needs. It's great for prototyping since it comes with styles and common interface elements (forms, buttons, tabs, and pure CSS dropdowns and more).

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Alessio Atzeni gives us this beautiful icon set for free. Meteocons is a set of weather icons which contains more than 40 icons in various formats: PSD, CHS, EPS, SVG, Desktop font and Web font.

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The CSS3 Flex Box Specification


Johnny Simpson dives into the CSS3 Flex Box Specification and shows us usage examples and how it simplifies layout design.

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WordPress Meet Responsive Design


On the new and great Code Poet, a superb resource for Wordpress designers and developers brought to you by the very developers of Wordpress, you can find this short e-book where Chris Coyier, Ian Stewart and Sara Cannon talk about strategies for designing WordPress sites responsively.

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If you are developing asynchronous applications, you will find vert.x interesting. It's a framework which takes inspiration from event driven frameworks like node.js, combines it with a distributed event bus and sticks it all on the JVM - a runtime with real concurrency and unrivalled performance. Vert.x then exposes the API in JavaScript, Ruby, Groovy and Java.

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A free light weight jQuery plugin by Prashant Chaudhary that allows you to create a custom drop down with images and description.

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On Responsive Typography

Some interesting thoughts by Indra Kupferschmid about how there are several important aspects to typography when it comes to "responsive typography".

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Example of getUserMedia and CSS Filters


A really great practical example of getUserMedia, the fantastic HTML5 feature that let's you access the user's audio and video devices. Taking it one step further, Raymond Camden adds CSS filters to create a registration form that makes the taken picture become sharper after filling the inputs.

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After creating scrollorama John Polacek gives us superscrollorama, the jQuery plugin for supercool scroll animations.

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HTML for Icon Font Usage

What is the best markup for using icon fonts when considering semantics and screen reader friendliness? Chris Coyier covers some useful techniques with those considerations in mind.

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Free Keynote Mockup Templates


Keynotopia shares some free Keynote Mockup Templates for prototyping mobile, web and desktop apps.

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Fontello Iconic Fonts Composer


If you did not know about it yet: with Fontello you can combine iconic webfonts for your project; adjust glyphs collections, merge symbols from different fonts and access large sets of open source icons.

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A New Take on Responsive Tables


With all the hype around responsive design, one important element seems to get left behind: the table. A new playround piece of ZURB shows how to create responsive tables with JavaScript and CSS.

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Free Ultimate Blurred Background Pack


At WeGraphics you can get this free PSD which contains 20 soft blurred background textures.

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Bariol Regular Free Font


Atipo gives us one member of this exquisite font family for free: Bariol Regular.

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Ember.js Framework


Ember is a JavaScript framework for creating ambitious web applications that eliminates boilerplate and provides a standard application architecture.

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