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Collective #124

Inspirational Website of the Week: Aprilzero


Anand Sharma's own data visualized in a fantastic way. Enjoy smooth animations and interesting effects on this extraordinary website.

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Clipping in CSS and SVG: The clip-path Property and <clipPath> Element


Another insightful article by Sara Soueidan on SVG, this time about the clip-path property and the clipPath element.

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CSS is a Mess


Jonathan Snook talks about the messiness of CSS and how we can avoid mistakes and organize large projects better.

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How to Create Your Own HTML Elements With Web Components


Kezz Bracey shows how to create your own HTML elements with the exciting new Web Components.

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Best Practices for Building Angular.js Apps


Learn some really interesting best practices for building Angular.js apps in this article by Jeff Dickey.

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DropKick.js 2.0


Version 2.0 of the great JavaScript plugin for creating beautiful, graceful, and painless custom drop-downs. Made by Robert DeLuca.

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Flexbox Based Responsive Equal Height Blocks With JavaScript Fallback


A great solution for reaching equal height columns using flexbox with a JS fallback. By Osvaldas Valutis.

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A great stock video site with free HD videos that you can use in your projects. All videos are licensed under the CC 3.0 license.

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CSS Colorguard


CSS Colorguard helps detect similar colors in your CSS project for a more consistent color use. Made by Alex Sexton.

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Christmas is coming early this year with GIFLINKS! YES! By brilliant (and evil) Tim Holman :)

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Smart Fixed Navigation


A smart navigation that will be where it's needed when scrolling down a page.

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5 Practical Examples For Learning The React Framework


Some useful learning examples for Facebook's React framework. By Martin Angelov.

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Pixelvicon Icon Set (PSD, PNG, SVG, Webfont)


80 really pixel-perfect icons made by Mohammad Amiri.

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Making a SVG HTML Burger Button


Learn how to make a nicely animated hamburger icon in this tutorial by Kyle Henwood.

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Optimising for 60fps everywhere


Understand and learn how to optimize web sites and applications for efficient rendering. An article on the GoSquared Engineering Blog.

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A really useful library by Art Lawry for detecting element-queries in your CSS, and implementing them in JavaScript.

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CSS only custom-styled select


A CSS-only way to style the closed state of the native select element by Todd Parker.

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PodStarUI (PSD)


A beautiful freebie by PixelBuddha: a one-page template with a podcast theme.

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JavaScript must-watch videos


A useful list of must-watch videos about JavaScript. Collected by Sergey Bolshchikov.

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Please JS


Please.js by Jordan Checkman uses the HSV color space to create random pleasing colors to make your projects beautiful.

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Free Font: Silent Lips


Vincent Labonne designed this hypnotic experimental typeface.

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