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Collective #122

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Inspirational Website of the Week: Spintank


Beautiful typography, slick effects and some brilliant colors make Spintank our pick of the week.

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Google Design


A site dedicated for all things Design at Google. You can read about guidelines, download assets, meet the design team and much more.

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Favicon Generator


A very complete favicon creation tool that will generate all necessary and up-to-date favicon assets and code for a modern website.

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Visualizing Algorithms


Learn about visualizing algorithms in this fantastic interactive article by Mike Bostock.

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Human JavaScript


The free online version of an interesting book by Henrik Joreteg that will teach you patterns for simple but powerful JavaScript apps.

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5 Polaroids Icons


A set of beautiful, old school Polaroid camera icons by Patricia Martinez.

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Free Font: AXIS


An urban geometry inspired sans serif typeface by Jean M. Wojciechowski.

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Wikipedia Concept


Moe Salih realized his vision of Wikipedia; and it's a beautiful concept!

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Giving Animations Life


Joel Besada will show you how to use Bounce.js and classical animation concepts to bring life to user interfaces.

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How to Overprint Colors to Create Cool Print Effects


A great tutorial by Chris Spooner on how to create a cool overprint effect in Illustrator.

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Prefilling Forms with a Custom Bookmarklet


Learn how to create a random data form filler bookmarklet in JavaScript. A tutorial by Adam Lichtenstein on CSS-Tricks.

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A JavaScript library that will add a play control to an animated Gif. Made by Krasimir Tsonev.

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Summer Icons (PSD, AI)


A set of delightful summer icons created by Tamara.

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HTMLHint is a static code analysis tool for HTML. Made by Yanis Wang.

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One of the latest Chrome Experiments: The Waviator is a synthesizer that allows you to hand-draw a waveform for use as the synthesizer's oscillator. Made by Mikhail Shapiro.

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Cayley is an open-source graph database inspired by the graph database behind Freebase and Google's Knowledge Graph. Created by Barak Michener.

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4 Notebook Mock-ups (PSD)


Beautiful high-quality notebook mockups by Vadim Sherbakov for Pixel Buddha.

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Wolfram Programming Cloud


If you are familiar with the powerful Wolfram Language and want to create and deploy data-driven applications, this will be interesting for you.

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Re-implementations for several common built-in native JavaScript functions. Made by the team of codemix.

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