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Collective #119

Inspirational Website of the Week:


Eye-catching logo animations and some smooth hover effects make the website of VOTD interesting to explore.

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Webcompat is a collborative platform to report bugs and web compatibility issues from any website across the web. Read more about the project in the Mozilla Hacks article Introducing

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The Guide to Wireframing


A free ebook that will teach you everything you need to know about wireframing. Written by Chris Bank from UXPin.

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Testing Responsive Images


Read how you can help test and file bugs for the new <picture> element in Chrome Canary.

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Sally Blocks (PSD)


Sally Blocks is an amazing set of ready-to-use elements and components for simple and fast web design prototyping.

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Sketch Tutorial: Colorful switch


A step-by-step Sketch tutorial by Sebastien Gabriel that will get you started for real.

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Keyboard Shortcuts for Pagination


Learn how to make it easy to navigate between pages thought pagination keyboard shortcuts in this great tutorial by Osvaldas Valutis.

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PSD Viewing & Diffing


Image viewing and diffing on Github has now support for PSD files.

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Hands On The Sigmund Freud Typeface: Making A Font For Your Shrink


An insightful and stunning introduction to creating handwriting fonts by Harald Geisler.

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How To Create Typography Illustrations the Easy Way


Learn how to create a trendy hand lettering style quote illustration with a smart and easy technique. A tutorial by Chris Spooner.

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My design process of the "Digital Adaptation" book illustrations & layout


Read about Veerle Pieters' interesting design process for the layout and illustrations of one of Smashing Magazine's new books.

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Write less, achieve meh?


An interesting article by Christian Heilman on how the web needs more sensible brick creation rather than apparently perfect solutions.

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Swift Cheat Sheet


A short guide by Grant Timmerman to using Apple's new programming language, Swift.

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InkTattoo (PSD)


A creative tattoo studio website PSD template by The Uncreative.

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Free Font: REN


A stylish and unique retro typeface with four weights by Andreas Leonidou.

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Daijiro Wachi created this fantastic little gem that let's you write a song in JavaScript.

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A Light Year


See how far light travels in a year on this beautiful website by Debra Ohayon.

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Function Space


Function Space is a fantastic social learning network for all things science. You can learn anything from Quantum Physics to Computational Complexity.

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JSNice is a new kind of statistical de-obfuscation and de-minification engine for JavaScript. Given a script, JSNice automatically suggests likely identifier names and types.

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Chapp is a discussion platform built by the people at smashLAB. Public Channels let you chat with the entire Chapp community. Private Channels allow for safe and secure discussions with friends.

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