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808 Cube * Mobile And Accessibility * ShortcutMapper * Object.observe() * oozled * The Illusion of Motion * Web Design Field Manual

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Inspirational Website of the Week: Ateliers Serge Thoraval


This brilliantly designed website with adorable interactions and smart layouts. Our pick this week.

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HTML5 Needs a New Animation API to Compete with Native


Marc Grabanski dives into animations and talks about everything from CSS Animations to tweening and requestAnimationFrame, explaining how we actually need a new and better animation API.

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Mobile And Accessibility: Why You Should Care And What You Can Do About It


An excellent, in-depth article by TJ VanToll on mobile accessibility.

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A very useful keyboard shortcuts visualizer developed by Waldo Bronchart.

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Data-binding Revolutions with Object.observe()


Read about Object.observe(), a method for asynchronously observing changes to JavaScript objects, in this article by Addy Osmani.

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A More Compatible, Smoother Touch


Vivian Cromwell introduces Chrome's new Async Touchmove Model for a better scroll behavior on touch devices.

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Free Icon Set (PSD)


A fantastic icon set in a PSD by talented Catalin Fertu.

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VelocityJS demo


A fantastic, mind-blowing Velocity.js demo by Oleg Solomka.

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A collection of curated and categorized resources on the web, useful to any web designer and developer.

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iTunes Concept


Brye Kobayashi shows his vision of a flat and stylish iTunes design.

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Web Design Field Manual


A great collection of resources for all the important steps in web design by Jon Yablonski.

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Grouping related classes in your markup


An interesting idea for grouping class names for better scannability by Harry Roberts.

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Free Font: Garnata


For a tweet you can get this interesting display font that comes in many different styles.

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A nice concept for submitting applications to New York City’s top startups. Also interesting for startups that are hiring.

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Script-injected "async scripts" considered harmful


An article by Ilya Grigorik on how script-injected asynchronous scripts impact performance.

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The Illusion of Motion


A compelling and interesting article by Paul Bakaus on the perception of vision, frame and refresh rate, motion blur, and TV displays.

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Summer Beach colorful labels set (EPS, AI)


A really nice set of colorful beach and summer labels and logos in vector format.

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An interesting web app where you can ask and answer questions and see real-time visualizations of everyone's answers.

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An experimental display font inspired by alchemical symbols, in vector EPS format.

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Tumblr Boilerplate


A Tumblr boilerplate by Andy Leverenz for developing Tumblr themes.

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The Dangers of Stopping Event Propagation


Philip Walton shows what can go wrong when stopping event propagation and what to do instead.

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