Bi-Weekly Frontend News

Collective #11

Interactive CSS Selectors


Ben Howdle from Two Step Media will help you understand CSS Selectors in an interactive way. Choose a selector on the left and you'll instantly see the affected elements on the right.

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‘Vendor Tokens’ Offer Another Way Out of the CSS Prefix Mess


There is a big discussion going on about whether vendor prefixes are harmful of helpful. Despire their original purpose they are being used all over and many issues are arising from that. Scott Gilbertson from Webmonkey explains Eric Meyer's new proposal for ending the mess.

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Inspirational Website of the Week


Ines Maria Gamler's website has a beautiful mixture of interesting typographic elements, shapes, color and textures.

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Znikomit Free Font


A really beautiful and elegant free font with many Open­Type features by Grzegorz Luk.

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JQV Map: jQuery Vector Maps


JQVMap is a really cool jQuery plugin that renders Vector Maps using Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) for modern browsers. Via VML it provides legacy support for older browsers.

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Fixed Table of Contents Drop-Down Menu


Louis Lazaris from Impressive Webs is sharing this useful fixed drop-down menu with a table of contents. It is a jQuery plugin and it comes in really handy for making it easy to navigate a page that has a lot of content.

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If you design and develop websites, you know how laborsome it can be to add placeholder text. Fixie.js will help you. It is an open source tool that automatically adds filler content to HTML documents.

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HTML5 Audio — The State of Play

In this follow-up article about HTML5 audio, Mark Boas explains how the <audio> element and the associated API developed further and what can be done with it.

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This plugin allows you to create a web page with multiple fixed panels that unroll with an amusing effect. Exactly like a curtain rises.

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Freebies Gallery


Freebies Gallery is a really useful site where you can download free design resources like PSDs, vector graphics, icons, templates and many more.

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Say No to Faux Bold


Alan Stearns explains in this "A List Apart" article what "fake" bold is and how to avoid using it in your website.

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Expert subsets for CSS in 123


The future of typography on the web is an exciting one and Elliot Jay Stocks will show you what beautiful things you can do. After his first article about ligatures he digs deeper into the new font-variant property.

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Faye: Simple pub/sub messaging for the web


If you are searching for a publish-subscribe messaging system for Node.js or Ruby, this just might be a great solution for you.

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How To Build A Real-Time Commenting System


Phil Leggetter will show you how to "convert a basic blog commenting system into a real-time engaging experience where you’ll see a comment made in one browser window "magically" appear in a second window".

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Which responsive images solution should you use?


There are many techniques out there to help you with the "responsive image issue". Chris Coyier put together this great guide that will help you choose the right technique for your needs.

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Statik: A Free Bold Style Font Kit


WeGraphics offers a great free font: Statik is a bold font face with a hint of static via radio transmission.

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JavaScript Canvas Image Conversion


David Walsh explains how to convert an image to canvas and vice versa using a couple of lines of JavaScript.

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Free Event Flyer Template (PSD)


Sam Ridgway gives us a free event flyer template that is print ready, with bleeds and which comes with easy to edit layers.

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41 Social Media Icons (PNG)


Premiumpixels offers us an amazing set of 41 social networking icons in both 16px and 32px by Prekesh Chavda.

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Multilevel CSS3 Menu


In this tutorial by Andrey Prikaznov you will learn how to code a MS Office-style CSS3 multilevel menu.

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