8 Top Free & Premium WordPress Plugins for 2024

From Amelia to Web Stories, these top WordPress plugins serve an impressive range of popular design features and functions.

55,000+ free WordPress plugins exist in the WordPress.org official directory. They deal with features or functions that could add usability or value to any website type or niche. 

10,000+ WordPress plugins from 3rd-party marketplaces are also available. 

For instance, CodeCanyon has an inventory of 5,000+ WordPress plugins.

We went through hundreds of the most popular ones. 

Then narrowed down the options to a manageable few. And put together a list of what we deem the 8 top WordPress plugins for 2024 for a series of popular features and purposes.

We looked at plugins that addressed 4 common functionalities that are not always fully addressed in free or premium WordPress themes. These are:

  • plugins featuring visual storytelling capabilities leading to engaging customer experiences.
  • plugins created to automate and streamline appointments and events bookings. 
  • plugins that focus on managing and showing financial, statistical, commercial, scientific, and other types of data.
  • plugins designed to help create engaging website landing pages with ease.

Most of the following 8 top WordPress plugins for 2024 offer both premium and free versions. You are encouraged to check out our reviews of them and try them before coming to any decision.

Top WordPress Plugins criteria that we looked at:

User reviews. We paid close attention to the reviews they got and client insights that mentioned both the good and the bad parts of the plugins.

Features – We asked ourselves this question: Do the features advertised meet the purpose for which this plugin was developed for? 

Free version – We made sure that you will be able to try it before you buy it. That’s why all the plugins in this list have a free version too. 

Client Support – We looked for products with fast support response. All dev teams that own the plugins in this list answer in 24h max.

Compatibility – A product compatible with the most recent PHP and WordPress versions is vital. All 8 plugins tick this box. Plus, we made sure they have been updated in the past 60 days.

8 Top WordPress Plugins for today’s and tomorrow’s projects

These plugins are without question some of the best at doing the function for which they were developed.

Below, we researched and sorted out for you key info such as: their most interesting features, customer satisfaction with them or how many stars did they got from users.

1. Amelia – No. 1 WordPress Appointment Booking Plugin 

Amelia is the best WordPress plugin for service-oriented businesses in need of an intuitive booking website to automate and streamline their operations. 

This automated booking system’s standout feature is its multilingual Notifications system that effectively manages a business’s appointments notifications via SMS, email, and/or WhatsApp messages.

Other qualities that Amelia has:

  • modern, user-friendly, and easily navigable backend and frontend interfaces.
  • customization options that facilitate easy tailoring of Amelia to their specific needs or brand.
  • transparent pricing, remarkable functionality, and an overall design that is stable and free from unwanted surprises.

Amelia places a complete, fully automated booking system at its user’s disposal. A healthcare service can, for example, receive 24/7 online requests for healthcare or spa appointments from existing or prospective clients. Clients can change or cancel their appointments and make payments either online or in person. Amelia’s users can manage multiple locations from a single dashboard.

User grade: 4.8/5 (Capterra).

Client experience: I’ve been using the plugin for a while now and haven’t had any problems. It fits my needs perfectly with continuous updates and when I needed support, they have resolved my queries quickly.

100% recommendable.”

Available instant support: YouTube videos, documentation, Discord Group.

Preview Amelia here.

2. wpDataTables

wpDataTables is the best WordPress plugin for companies or people who need to create tables from substantial amounts of complex data.

wpDataTables’ key feature is its powerful Multiple Database Connections capability, a   relatively new feature that enables each table to become a versatile data hub by establishing its independent connection to MySQL, MS SQL, or PostgreSQL databases.

User favorite features include the ability to:

  • create tables or charts without the need for any technical expertise.
  • build informative tables by seamlessly integrating data and info from diverse origins and in a variety of formats.
  • easily handle complex data structures thanks to a balanced blending of various data management features.

wpDataTables is ideal for:

  • building tables for ecommerce like this WordPress Amazon product comparison table.
  • visually representing financial services data using any of 5 chart engines.
  • customizing the way data is displayed or processed in a table using the Transform Value 
  • incorporating multimedia, links, or other dynamic elements using the single cell shortcode feature.
  • Creating tables form MySQL Query to support tailored industrial data. 

User grade: 4.83/5

Client experience:  “Had an issue after the recent upgrade but the developers already had a fix ready and were quick to respond to my ticket. Been using it for several years; it does exactly what I need it to and has continued to improve.”

Instant support materials: YouTube videos, documentation.

Try WpDataTables here.

3. Brizy – Page Builder

Brizy is the best WordPress website builder for agencies and designers looking to expand their business to a White Label operation. 

Brizy’s key feature is its White Label, which enables you to brand the Brizy Builder as yours. Once that is done, your clients will create their websites with “your” builder.

Prominent features users soon discover once they begin using Brizy Builder:

  • Content is never produced in a disjointed sidebar, as other competing products are doing.
  • They can edit in place irrespective of the nature of the content they happen to be working with at the moment. 
  • The user interface is always focused on the moment with every tool placed right where the action is.

Beside the White Label option other features for resellers and agencies include Pop-ups, Stories, Reseller, Billing, Client Management, Marketing Integrations, and Multilingual.

Brizy Builder has some great template options. The mimo design template, for example, could be put to good use by an enterprise that focuses on digital experiences people can easily relate to.  

User grade: 4.6/5 (Trustpilot)

Client experience: “I was looking for a solution to prepare websites in a practical way for the clients my advertising agency serves. After researching many companies, I decided on Brizy’s White Label product. A great website tool with hundreds of different themes.

It has an easy-to-understand structure, but you can still make many customizations. In addition, continuous and fast technical support is available. With this budget, it is a great advantage to get this service under a white label. I’m thinking of getting the lifetime package in the coming days.”

Instant support available: YouTube videos, documentation.

Download Brizy here.

4. Slider Revolution – WordPress Slider Plugin

Slider Revolution is the best WordPress plugin for a wide range of users including those looking to incorporate a touch or more of WOW into their sliders.

Slider Revolution’s top feature is twofold. It gives its users the ability to create sliders visually while at the same time providing them with the ability to incorporate stunning effects that are guaranteed to turn visitors on. 

Slider Revolution users quickly take note of features that allow them to substantially upgrade a WordPress website’s visuals in minutes. They also come to appreciate Slider Revolution’s helpful, friendly, and patient customer support. 

The product has multiple template options for all types of users:

  • Businesses and agencies can make effective use of the one-page portfolio templates.
  • Web shop builders can do the same with WooCommerce sliders. 
  • Slider Revolution’s creative one page portfolio template will be a hit with a creative entrepreneurs.

User grade: 4.6/5 (Trustpilot)

Client experience: I have used Slider Revolution for about 8 years now.
Until recently, I was using an old version that was included with a WordPress theme I purchased to build my site. After my old version expired, I purchased a license to use the most current version. I love the updated interface. I am starting to realize that Slider Revolution is a key function to my site. I have been recommending this slider as an alternative to searching out a particular theme. In other words, … use this slider and the theme will not matter as much!”

Immediate support options: YouTube videos, in-editor guides.

Explore the plugin here.

5. LayerSlider 

LayerSlider is a great WordPress plugin for designers who want an effortless way to make anything from simple sliders to rich web content.

Sliders highlighting jaw-dropping animations are but one example of what LayerSlider can do. Among the standout features of LayerSlider is the beautiful scroll effect with a mesmerizing hero scene, like that in the Flavor Factory example. Oh, what fun it is to scroll through this awesome template with its magical image transformations. 

LayerSlider’s Nature Slider template pack provides a perfect starting point for building a complete landing page with animated blocks powered by LayerSlider. This template employs several features and techniques to make the whole website more interactive.

LayerSlider has its share of qualities that only users will be able to discover, such as:

  • The Project Editor that opens the door to fully learning the pleasures of website development.
  • Millions of stock photos and videos plus other online services are available through the Project Editor, which offers a complete suite of visual content creation.
  • Having the tools you need to design and create is right at your fingertips.

LayerSlider is “tailored” for use on any website, irrespective of its content.

Client experience: “It has powerful features and it’s a flexible slider with many effects.”

Instant support: Editor built-in help, product manual.

Explore the plugin here 

6. Tablesome – WordPress Form Automation Plugin

Tablesome is the #1 WordPress form automation plugin for those having a need to place and store information from submitted forms into tables. 

Tablesome’s foremost feature is its WordPress Automation feature which allows its users to automate certain processes that must be completed when people have submitted forms.  Form users value what the Workflow Automation feature does to make it easier for them to: 

  • store the entries in a table.
  • save the entries to Google Sheet.
  • send the entries via email via MailChimp.

One particularly appealing feature is, as users become familiar with Tablesome they begin to realize the tasks it can do together with the significant reduction in the number plugins needed to carry out those tasks.

Tablesome excels when used to support creating or changing data-centric websites. Available Tablesome integrations include Slack, HubSpot CRM, OpenAI/ChatGPT, and WordPress.

User grade: 4.7/5 (WordPress.org)

Client experience: The plugin was good, and easy to use.”

Support: YouTube videos and Tablesome’s user manual are best for instant support.

Preview Tablesome.

7. Essential Grid Gallery WordPress Plugin

Essential Grid is the #1 WordPress gallery plugin for crafting breathtaking galleries designed to impress and engage website visitors. 

The options for grids are without a doubt a key factor in Essential Grid’s success. It’s no surprise that the selection of 50+ unique grid skins are its top feature.  It doesn’t take any time at all for Essential Grid’s users to realize the time and effort they save and the quality of the support they receive.  

Team grids, blog grids, portfolio grids, and Vimeo or YouTube stream grids are popular with their clients. The Leon Draisaitl WooCommerce shop grid with its cool hover effects can be used to beef up any number of different store types. Essential Grid is an excellent choice for any website project that requires a sortable/filterable/searchable grid listing of items.

It’s worth noting that Essential Grid was created by the dev team behind the massively popular Slider Revolution plugin. 

User grade: 4.7/5 (Trustpilot)

Client experience: This product can save you a lot of time and help you organize your content streams in a very attractive manner, making it easier for your website users to find your great content. I used their support team to answer some setup questions which were answered quickly and effectively.”

Self-support options: YouTube videos, product manual.

Explore the plugin here.

8. Google Web Stories WordPress Plugin

Web Stories is the best WordPress plugin for creating visual narratives designed to immerse readers in powerful, fast-loading full-screen experiences. 

This storytelling editor for WordPress key feature is its capacity for blending selections of images and videos into a WYSIWYG tool. WebStories also features an engaging no. of templates, the American Cuisine theme template would, for example, be an excellent choice for a restaurant or a bistro.

Other key features are:

  • Attractive page templates to aid you get your story creation activities off to a quick start.
  • drag-and-drop that make crafting beautiful stories as smooth and effortlessly as possible.
  • a visually rich and intuitive dashboard that fosters easy navigation throughout the story creation process.
  • Access to the WordPress media library allows you to take your media assets right from Web Stories’ dashboard.

Other qualities that the plugin has:

  • fast-loading times that will keep readers engaged.
  • ability to effortlessly create engaging content from a technical perspective.
  • ability to share and link stories on the open web. 

User grade: 4.1/5 (WordPress.org)

Client experience:  Many people are making good traffic and earning just by making web stories, if you did not start then what did you do, start today.

Instant support available: documentation.

Download the plugin here.

How many of these top WordPress plugins will you be using in 2024?

All 8 plugins in this list have free versions, raving reviews and great ratings.

You can be assured that they are the best at what they’ve been developed for and every one of them is:

  • quick, dependable, friendly for users, and provides an intuitive and flexible UX.
  • free of bothersome limitations in their area. 
  • a time saver with solidly designed pre-built templates designed for efficiency and visual satisfaction.
  • constructed to allow for responsive editing, so your site will look pixel perfect even on mobiles.
  • Customer support that is friendly, helpful, and dependable.

The table below summarizes key aspects of each WordPress plugin:

WordPress PluginSummaryStandout Feature
AmeliaBest plugin for service-oriented businesses in need of an intuitive booking websiteMultilingual notifications system
wpDataTablesBest plugin for organizations and individuals who need to create tables from substantial amounts of complex data.Multiple database connections capability
Brizy BuilderBest website builder for designers and developers looking to expand their business to a White Label operation.White Label option
Slider RevolutionBest plugin for a wide range of users looking to incorporate a touch into their slidersWOW effects for WordPress
LayerSliderBest plugin for web designers looking to make anything from simple sliders to rich web content.Sliders highlighting jaw-dropping animations
TablesomeBest automation plugin for placing and storing information from submitted forms into tables.WordPress Automation feature
Essential GridBest for businesses that want to create breathtaking galleries designed to impress and engage website visitors50+ grid skin options
Google Web Stories      Best plugin for creating visual narratives designed to immerse readers in powerful, fast-loading full-screen experiencesWYSIWYG creation tool

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