Frontend Rewind 2023 – Day 02

Today, we’re diving into Day 2 of “Frontend Rewind 2023”! Join us as we continue to rewind the clock on the most notable highlights of 2023.

Welcome to Day 2 of “Frontend Rewind 2023”!

Today we have some more handpicked gems from 2023 plus a discount for Wawa Sensei’s course!

Join us in uncovering what Day 2 has in store, as we celebrate the diversity and innovation that shaped the frontend landscape this year!

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Community Discount: React Three Fiber Course by Wawa Sensei

A message from Wawa: Dear Codrops Community, explore the enchanting world of 3D web development with React Three Fiber: The Ultimate Guide. Happy holidays! Get 24% off on my React Three Fiber course with CODROPS24 (until December 26th)


PHP in 2023

An insightful article that delves into early 2023 developments in PHP, offering a comprehensive view of the ecosystem at that time.


Understanding the GraphQL Type System

Learn about GraphQL types and learn how to use them to build a complete GraphQL schema. A tutorial by Tania Rascia.

Website Design: Studiogusto

We also have a great case study by the folks of Studio Gusto!

UI Interaction & Animation: Bio Lab Website Animation


A search engine that lets you search across a half million git repos, optionally using regular expression.



Search over 600 million free and openly licensed images, photos, audio, and other media types for reuse and remixing.



A very cool demo made by Hugo Wideal using Drei, React Three Fiber and Rapier for physics.

Video: WebGL Displacement Map Transition

And that’s it for today! Hope to see you tomorrow! 👋🎄

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