11 Revenue-Boosting Benefits of White Label Website Builders

Wondering if your agency should use a website builder with or without white labeling? This post will explore 11 reasons why you should be using a white label website builder from now on.

If you’re currently weighing website builder options for your agency, you may have come across some that offer white label solutions. Not every website builder has this functionality, so if it’s something you need, it’s important to factor it into your decision-making process.

In this post, we’ll briefly discuss what white label website builders do and the benefits of using one for your agency. We’ll also look at some other website builder features that need to go hand-in-hand with white labeling if you’re going to make the most of this feature.

What does a white label website builder do?

A white label solution allows digital agencies to replace the website builder’s branding with their own.

For example, this is what the Brizy Cloud admin looks like:

With white labeling enabled, your agency would be able to replace all the branded components in this platform. For example, this is what that same dashboard looks like with Eunixa branding:

It’s not just the SaaS logo that you can replace with your own logo. Learn more about all the features that Brizy’s white label website builder has to offer here.

Depending on the white label solution you use, other features might be available. For instance, some website builders handle technical website maintenance. The end user (i.e. your clients) will be none the wiser that it’s your third-party SaaS partner handling it and not you.

Brizy Cloud, for instance, allows you to rebrand the following components in the builder and editor UI:

  • Builder name
  • Builder logo
  • Builder URL
  • Client project subdomains
  • Account links — like to the Support and About pages
  • Builder notifications
  • Stripe payment processing page

Essentially, a white label functionality gives web design agencies the ability to leverage the power of a high-quality website builder without revealing the tricks of their trade to clients.

The benefits of using white label website builders

There is a multitude of ways in which web design agencies benefit from using a white label website builder:

1. Boost your reputation

You don’t have to build a private website builder from-scratch in order to boost your agency’s credibility. The hard work has been done for you already.

White label website builders enable you to leverage existing technology. All you need to do is switch out the SaaS branding for your own brand, add custom links, maybe set up a payment processor, and you’ll be ready to impress clients with your own branded website builder on which they can use their custom domain.

2. Easy to implement your own branding

If you choose a website builder without a white label feature and you change your mind about rebranding the platform down the road, things could get tricky. You’ll either need to find a white label plugin to help you make those changes or you’ll have to modify the source code (if the website builder even allows that) in order to swap out branding, create a custom login page, etc.

With a white label builder, it’s as easy as flipping a switch.

In fact, with Brizy Cloud, we walk our agency users through the process during onboarding in a seamless experience. So you can get straight to work once you’re inside the builder.

3. Gain a competitive advantage

There are different ways to specialize and to differentiate your agency from others. One way is to tour yourself as a CMS or website builder expert. Like a Wix agency or a WordPress website designer.

While that’s all well and good, you’d more effectively stand out by promoting your agency’s own intuitive and client-friendly website builder. That’s a huge win in this day and age where many website builder technologies are just too confusing, difficult for clients to use or require technical knowledge.

4. Reduce client churn

The second you reveal to certain clients that you build websites with X, Y, or Z website builder, they’re going to start wondering why they don’t just do it themselves. After all, the technology is readily available and easy to use.

White labeling allows you to keep those questions and doubts from ever coming up. In turn, you’ll start selling more and be able to hold onto clients’ business for longer.

5. Become a partner, not a one-off contractor

Let’s say you build an amazing website, the client is pleased with the results, and you give them access to the backend so they can manage their content as needed. Many times, however, clients don’t want to be bothered with having to manage their sites.

So when they step inside that website builder, who are they going to think to turn to?

If the builder has its original branding, they might start researching new vendors or even freelancers to help them out.

However, if your branding is in there along with About Us and Support links, clients will have that constant reminder that you’re their website partner and not some one-time vendor.

6. Improve the client’s experience

Web design agencies are always looking for ways to improve the client’s experience. Because the more satisfied they are, the better the testimonials will be, the more high-quality referrals you’ll get, and the greater your client retention rates will be.

It’s not just the way you treat your clients or the quality of the website you build them that affects their overall satisfaction. Equipping them with a tool that makes them feel like you’re always available to support them is also vital.

An agency-branded website builder will allow you to do that.

7. Add a new revenue stream

For agencies, the most common way to use white labeling is to use the builder to design client websites and then create user accounts for clients that take them to your branded backend.

You can also use white labeling as a reseller. One way would be to sell Pro website builder licenses — monthly or annually — to other designers or business owners who want to create websites. You can resell the builder individually or integrate it with your existing SaaS product (like a real estate management platform).

Another way would be to build turnkey websites from your branded site builder. Then sell monthly subscriptions to companies that want a fast and easy way to get a website online with their custom domain.

Either way you go with reselling, this will open up a new, recurring revenue stream for your agency.

8. Streamline client management

It can get unwieldy trying to manage all of your clients’ websites and accounts as time goes by. You have to create accounts on different platforms, set unique login credentials for each, and try to keep tabs on where everyone’s stuff is.

Because a white label website builder essentially gives you the power to turn it into your own website management system, you also get a dedicated area to manage all of your projects and clients from the same place.

If you want a more efficient way to manage your agency’s jobs, a white label website builder can help.

Bonus benefits when you use Brizy Cloud for white labeling

Just as no two website builders are identical, the same is true for white label solutions. The fact is, when you use Brizy Cloud, you’ll gain access to all sorts of features and benefits that improve the effectiveness of your white labeled website builder.

For example:

9. Gain a more effective way to design

Just because a website builder offers white labeling doesn’t mean you should automatically use it. It needs to make the process of designing websites with it easy, too.

Brizy’s editor, for instance, is minimally designed yet feature-packed. In just a few clicks, you could have a fully-loaded design — with custom branding — up and running for any page of your website.

Look at the premade layouts and blocks that come with it, for example. There are 150+ beautifully designed page layouts and 750+ sections. What’s more, you’re able to create your own reusable and global components.

10. Provide clients with an intuitive UI

The Brizy drag and drop editor isn’t just a great tool for streamlining your agency’s design work.

After you launch a website and give your client access to it, they’re going to meet one of the most intuitive website builders for even the most novice of users.

There are no cumbersome sidebars overloaded with content customization options that only professional web designers understand. This editor removes the intimidation factor that so many clients end up feeling when it comes time to manage their own content.

As a bonus, they’ll have access to the huge library of premade content and website templates. With the website builder white labeled, they’ll attribute those amazing designs and layouts to your agency and not some third-party designer.

11. Outsource website maintenance

With a custom-built website builder for your agency, you’d be responsible for maintaining all of the client sites you build on it. With Brizy Cloud, it’s all taken care of for you:

  • Unlimited storage and traffic
  • Automated backups
  • Updates
  • SSL certificate for security
  • CDN for performance optimization

With Brizy, you’re getting a cloud-based, hosted website builder that handles all the critical infrastructure setup and maintenance. It’s an excellent tool if you want to decrease the time you spend on technical maintenance while offering a premium hosted website creation service to clients.


The technology you use in your web design agency can affect more than just how productive you are. It can also help you boost credibility with clients, make higher profits, and win more contracts than the competition.

A single feature like white labeling can have that kind of transformative effect on your business.If you’re undecided about which white label website builder to use, reach out to us today and book a demo of Brizy Cloud free of charge.

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