9 Awesome WordPress Plugins to Use in 2022

A collection of high-quality and popular WordPress plugins that will ease the process of building a website.

WordPress is by far the most well-liked website platform on the planet. Adding a quality theme can make building a website faster and easier and adding a plugin or two will often make the building process easier still. The right plugin can also contribute a badly needed feature or functionality a website must have in order to be complete.

Useful WordPress plugins taken as a whole perform a wide range of functions indeed as there are more than 42,000 of them to pick and choose from.

Knowing that there is one out there than can resolve an issue you may be facing is reassuring. There may even be several that could do it but finding just the one of the best WordPress plugins could take an immense amount of digging.

You’ll generally be better off leaving it to the experts to locate the best ones of a given category. It is the best ones from several popular categories that you will find here.

1. Amelia

Amelia is an automated booking system that can track an unlimited number of appointment bookings for an unlimited number of business clients. It can do so at multiple locations and from a single platform using a single insightful dashboard. The work schedules of an unlimited number of employees can also be tracked.

A WordPress website powered in part by this popular plugin can completely streamline a business’s booking operations.

  • Customers can make, change, or cancel appointment bookings online 24/7
  • Customers can arrange appointments with specific employees
  • Customers can receive reminders and follow-ups, be notified of forthcoming special events or learning sessions, and can make payments online
  • The business can also schedule events and create and sell packages of services
  • Booking forms can be customized to fit the business’s brand

This automated booking system can save service-oriented businesses like spas, health and fitness centers, gyms, and training centers a great deal of time and money. Click on the banner to learn more.

2. wpDataTables 

Compared to what most WordPress plugins are capable of, wpDataTables is an absolute workhorse. It is fully capable of creating tables and charts from truly massive amounts of data (read millions of rows) in seconds if not minutes.

These are not your run-of-the-mill tables and charts either. They can easily be made to be responsive, interactive, and easily editable and maintainable

  • Key data can be highlighted, and conditional formatting is used to color code data to make tables and charts more readable and informative
  • wpDataTables can work with data from multiple sources and in multiple formats
  • tables can be created manually from spreadsheets and from databases, and can also be created from real-time MySQL data
  • The wpDataTables plugin is rich in data sorting and filtering features
  • wpDataTables has ready access to HighCharts, Chart.js, and Google Charts libraries

Click on the banner to learn more about what 50,000+ users already know.

3. LayerSlider

LayerSlider has been around for more than a decade. A highly sought-after plugin from its beginning, it has experienced continuous improvement year after year, to the point where it ceased to be used only to create sliders and became a multi-purpose web design tool.

The recent release of LayerSlider 7 is the biggest update yet, and by all measures the most exciting.

  • LayerSlider 7 features a completely redesigned, advanced project editor that is an absolute joy to work with and gives its users the power to design almost anything
  • Popups that feature extensive animation capabilities can be used to display messages or adverts with special effects you’ve never seen before
  • LayerSlider’s constantly growing and improving library of professionally-made templates can be an ideal starting point of your projects

All in all, this is a plugin that is well worth a closer look. Click on the banner and you can do precisely that.

4. Slider Revolution 

Slider Revolution is a versatile WordPress plugin designed to help web designers add WOW factors to their websites – and WOW their clients in the process.

  • Slider Revolution addresses todays over-the-top web design demands
  • The package includes 25+ addons and 200+ website and slider templates that are designed to impress
  • Slider Revolution can import dynamic content from the web

Customers can expect one-on-one support.

5. Essential Grid

A gallery can be more than just another couple of pages on a website. Breathtaking galleries created using Essential Grid will inject life into an otherwise unadventurous website.

  • Essential Grid lets you display your unique products, awe-inspiring videos, and eye-catching portfolios.
  • There’s a variety of screen layouts to choose from together with the ability to adjust rows, columns, and spacings.

Perhaps it’s time to give your website(s) a shot in the arm!

6. TheDock

Web designers, and particularly those who are new at using WordPress, find website building much easier when using a website theme but having little or no coding experience believe it would be impossible to create their own.

TheDock changes that. Its visual editor runs as a plugin and writes the code for you.

  • TheDock-created themes are always responsive.
  • Design, layout, and even theme architecture can be edited without writing a single line of code.

7. Heroic Inbox

Build your company’s website using the Heroic Inbox plugin and you can manage all your business emails in shared inboxes.

  • No third party platform is needed as everything can be managed from the business’s website.
  • Past customer communications can be displayed on a sidebar during customer-business dialogs.
  • Heroic Inbox tracks key departmental and team performance metrics. 

8. Tablesome – Advanced WordPress Table Plugin

Tablesome is an advanced data table plugin that gives web designers the ability to quickly build tables for embedding in their pages and posts.

  • Tables can store form submissions from Contact Form 7 (CFDB) 
  • Stored form entries can be edited, deleted, exported, and displayed on WordPress posts 7 pages 
  • Table data with contact information can be used to send emails using SMTP services

9. Wordlift

WordLift helps web designers optimize website search engine capabilities by enabling them to create a custom AI-powered Knowledge Graph.

Designers can then use this Knowledge Graph to –

  • build up the expertise, trustworthiness, and authority of their websites
  • help Google understand their websites’ content
  • help website visitors discover content that is most likely to keep them engaged

WordLift also serves as an SEO knowledge and training partner for its users.

Essential WordPress plugins can provide vital services to website designers and owners. We all know that there is such a large number of cool WordPress plugins on the market. One might correctly assume that there would be at least one that could resolve any design or business problem that might arise.

Even if that were true, finding the right one could require an immense amount of searching and comparing.

The best approach by far is to leave it to the experts to find one of the best WordPress plugins to address certain issues. That is exactly what this post provides.

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