Inspirational Websites Roundup #32

Get updated on the latests web design trends with this carefully selected collection of creative websites.

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Another month, another websites roundup! The end of the year is always a period where creativity peaks (and deadlines!) so we have an amazing selection for you to indulge in! There’s a slight trend of using sans serif typefaces and also mixed styles as we are already seeing for a while. Color themes are often toned down and we have lots of dark designs in this batch.

I hope you enjoy this collection and get inspired and up to date!

Адвент календарь 2022

Sagmeister & Walsh

Hard Work Club

Elite Design Studio

Henri Heymans

La puce à l’oreille


Luca Nardi

Roosh Ventures

BlueYard Capital


Marvin Schwaibold

Joris Bijdendijk


Antinomy Studio

Steven Boniface

Lama Lama


Green Room

Anatole Touvron

Shildan Group


Jomor Design

PhysioAsten & Nnk

The Brand Identity

Atypikal Creative

Baillat Studio


21 Reflections of Dostoevsky in Pop Culture




Paper Play

Clément Balavoine


Daria IZbash



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